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Things you don’t want to hear the “Sound Engineer” say when setting up your keyboards for an outdoor wedding gig:

  1. No, I didn’t bring any direct boxes, I was just going to mic your amp.
  2. Yeah, those sm58s are for the string quartet. I’m going to put them in a stereo pair to capture the whole group.
  3. Phantom … power? Your active direct box needs … phantom power? Wait, your keyboard is powered from the direct box? What about that power cable? I don’t understand … what is phantom power?
  4. Yes, I hear the distortion. It’s probably because we had to chain 4 xlr cables together. That causes the signal to lose strength, running 100 feet of xlr like that.
  5. You bring your own DI boxes and xlr cables to a gig, just in case? Wow, you must run into a lot of bad sound guys, eh. Huh huh.
  6. Yeah, so I’m running your line into the fender combo amp mixer, amping it, then running it into the Numark DJ mixer, and from there to the powered speakers. Yeah, I don’t know why things sound distrorted.
  7. That boom mic doesn’t really stay in place anymore. When it starts to drop, can you just kind of hunch over a little bit as you sing?