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New Music – Travis McClain

OK, Roadies – mark your calendars: Today marks the first musical recommendation from me that is actually from a Christian artist.

Travis McClain is the boyfriend of a sister of a friend of mine. I stumbled onto his stuff via MySpace, and loved what I heard. I wrote him – he told me 5 bucks (+$3 for shipping) would get me his new CD. I stuffed some filthy cash into an envelope, and waited. Two days later, I have his CD.

It’s brilliant. He’s a very talented songwriter, with skills to match. I told him he reminded me of early Ryan Adams (See: Heartbreaker) – he wisely took it as a compliment. The recording quality, although recorded in his kitchen, is very good. Lush vocals, nice backup from Lindsey Yegan (younger sister of Ashley, for those in the know), and wonderful lyrics. Haunting at times, inspirationally reminding at others – it makes me think of how lonely Brooklyn can be. Further comparisons to Joe Purdy. Travis is good people: A wise and talented musician who has yet to be absorbed by the system. Check out his MySpace profile here, and get your hands on this very hand-made record.

Listen to “Central Park” – it’s the song that would have kept me from abandoning song-writing, had I written it.