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Bored with …

Can someone please write some new worship songs? Please? I’m tired of looking at the same 12 songs, all written with the same 4 chords.

New Rule – before you secure funding to release your world-famous worship record, you have to write 3 original tunes that sound nothing like Chris Tomlin or Tommy Walker. Or Hillsongs. Trust me, those guys already do their thing much better than you will do it.

Phil, where’s the portfolio of Copland-esque worship tunes? Chad, how about you take that mid-fi sound and bang me out something? Stick, why aren’t you writing me some slick, pop production, delayed guitar, loopy …. oh wait.

All this to say, the fact that I’m bored with the repertoire of worship says to me that something is a bit off. I just can’t quite figure out what it is.