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Our Father Session Clips

Not yet mixed, not even really edited, but here are the long-demanded rough clips from the recording session on Friday. And by long-demanded, I mean I casually mentioned that I would post them, and nobody has really said “No no, please don’t.” I take that to be a consensus for demand.

Here are 3 clips from the song. When the final mix is completed, I’ll post the whole thing in sequence, including videos of my laughably bad conducting. Joy!

our_father_vindicate_clip1.mp3 our_father_vindicate_clip2.mp3 our_father_vindicate_clip3.mp3

Show and Tell — I’m a Cheetah Girl’s Boyfriend

Well… his voice, anyways.  

Way back in January, I was invited to two sessions for Disney’s Cheetah Girls : One World, which is being shown on Friday night for the first time.  I am singing for a character, except I have no idea who he is or what he looks like.  On these sessions, you arrive, you look at a lyric sheet, the composer / producers sing you your part phrase by phrase, and you sing it back to them.  

8 months later, you hear yourself again, on iTunes.  You’ve been tweaked, edited, tuned, compressed, and EQed to death, but it’s still you.  I have taken the liberty of de-DRMing these little clips I downloaded from iTunes this morning so that we can enjoy a little show and tell.

Now… if I seem a little excited about The Cheetah Girls, allow me this one thing:  This is the first time in my Disney “Career” where I can actually point to a part of the song and go: “Me.”  I’m plain as day.  On the HSM stuff I’ve done (on 2 and the upcoming 3) it’s like… “Wait for it… wait for it…. THAT’s ME!”  And then people will sorta scratch their heads and go… “Wait… which one was you?”  Then I rewind and we play the same scene out 3 or 4 times.

This time, however, you can really hear me.  

This first clip was a fun session, because the drive from Thousand Oaks to Brea and back took about 10 times as long as the session itself.  The session was for a couple of guys who are hot hot hot right now.  Andy Dodds and Adam Watts have songs all over the Disney machine right now, including the tune Switchfoot did for Prince Caspian.  We had never met, as the session was booked by someone at Disney, and we hit it off well right away.  

I think one of the reasons we hit it off was because I killed the vocal, fast.  We were done in 20 minutes flat, like from the first entrance into the booth back to shooting the breeze 20 minutes flat.  It’s always a little nerve-racking, as a producer, to meet and work with someone new, and for us, it was cake.  We have a bunch of shared experiences (worship leading, etc) and have similar perspectives on CCM vs. Secular music, so we had a good time.

Here’s the result of our wham-bam-thankyou-ma’am session.  I’ve edited the track to just include my parts, as not to force you into teen-pop-land longer than normal.  This track is called “Feels Like Love,” and I have no idea who the female singer is.  


The next session was about a week later, with a lady named Kara DioGuardi.  Now, I actually don’t get intimidated in sessions very often anymore, but Kara was intimidating.  She has a credit list a mile long.  She wrote some big hit songs for some big artists.  Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani, Pieces of Me – Ashlee Simpson, Ain’t No Other Man – Christina Aguilera.  These are big tunes.  Hit tunes.  Strangely, DioGuardi also wrote the song Home for Katharine McPhee, a song that we (The Dailies Band) did with her last year.

Now, Kara was perfectly pleasant and professional, but it was not the same instant connection that I had with Adam and Andy.  A tricked out Range-Rover was outside.  She had a Chihuahua in a recording studio.  I mean, she was in a joke band with Dave Stewart.  This is not my typical gig.  

However, everything went well.  I think the thing I’m stoked about on this one is how cool the chorus sounds that I’m on, and it’s all me.  The way I edited this is as follows:  you’ll hear the first chorus, without me, and then I come in halfway through the verse with the lyric “My Girl is a Drama Queen…” at 0:38 in.  Then the whole 2nd chorus is all me, a quad stack on the lead and a quad stack on the low harmony part.  


So, here’s the thing.  I feel like the whole energy of the track lifts up when I come in.  As a singer, that’s my reward.  You can edit, tune, EQ, tweak, push, pull, but at the end of the day, if you can’t make it hot, it’s only gonna get so-so in the final mix.  I feel like, cheesy as they are, these little tunes are gonna serve me well representing my voice on a major product to future clients, illustrating the difference of what I can bring to the picture vs. a typical session singer.  

So, it’s an aok day for me.  :)  Thanks for indulging my show and tell.

So, I’m #1 on iTunes

I’m kind of a big deal, you know. I’m a sort-of #1.

I have a little piece of #1.

I’m like #.00432 on iTunes right now.

Today, the soundtrack for High School Musical 2 was released, oh… I don’t know… intergalactically. In recent weeks, I have greatly enjoyed the ramp up to this day. A poster here, an article there. The frenzy builds.

Last January or so I wrote two posts about this cool gig I landed. After some consideration, and a good look at the confidentiality agreement and digitally watermarked demo CD, I had Mike pull them down. I don’t know how to repost them. Hopefully the blog fairy will flutter by and fix it, and also leave cookies and a sarcastic barb or seven.

The short version is this: Last December I got a call from this guy named Randy who wrote songs with another guy named Kevin who got my name from this other guy named Scott who does jingles. (This is how all good stories in L.A. begin, FYI.) Randy needs a tenor vocalist to demo up a song. Randy is paying a fair hourly demo session rate, and we book the gig.

I play it cool, I don’t ask too many questions, I sing the tune. Randy loosens up and tells me we’re working on a demo for High School Musical 2. Jackpot! Oh, and he and his partner had a cut on High School Musical… uh… Episode 1. Google confirms! He’s legit! Jackpot, with a bonus round.

The song gets revised, I re-sing it. Revised again, I sing it again. Eventually, it becomes this. Randy’s happy because Disney has just basically bought him a pool, and decides to spread the love. He recommends me to Disney for the ensemble for the whole she-bang. So, I got the gig. :)

So, as of today, the soundtrack that sits at #1 on iTunes, and will sit atop of the Billboard 100 next week, and has a good shot at being the #1 selling record of 2007, features yours truly on 6 of it’s 11 songs. Anytime you hear large ensemble vocals, as you memorize the dance steps in the next two months (Corey and Beth) you’re hearing 4-6 passes of The Chadster. Gotta love stacks.

Oh, and some of my demo vocals made it through to the final mix of Work This Out. The BGV stacks on every chorus is me. Hey… those stabs in the bridge and crazy vocal into the keychange sure sound familiar. Wow… I’m actually listening to it for the first time right now (I wonder how much of the $.99 goes back in my pocket? $.0000000023 is a safe bet.) and I am quite pleased with how much of the original vocal is still there! Yay!


It’s not curing cancer, but it sure feels nifty.

15 Hymns: Hark The Herald Angels Sing

From the Stick Man himself, featuring his own glorious singing in it’s international worldwide debut!

Hark, The Herald Angel’s Sing, a 15 Hymns exclusive. (Until he releases the Christmas record that he originally recorded this for.)

christmas choir

photo by drp

15 Hymns: No Eye Had Seen

Christmas has begun! Fill the air with music!

This first installment of the 15 Hymns comes from George Rowe. Our local producer/rock star Stick has been George’s creative partner over the course of several projects, one of which was a Christmas record that they did “in about 20 minutes, total” according to George. He sent me a half-dozen cuts off the record to choose between for the 15 Hymns extravaganza, and this version of “No Eye Had Seen” seemed like the perfect way to kick off the season.


If any of you are in the Maryland area, George is on the road there this week. Go check him out at his website, www.georgerowe.com.