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Mac Business Software?

Hey, Roadies.

I need a little help. My wife’s awesome floral design business keeps growing (huzzah!) and our current system of accounting (legal pads, hastily scrawled notes, tax records sent in on hello kitty stationary) is no longer sufficient.

I’m looking for a way to manage her business finance that will work on a Mac. Some of the more popular choices (QuickBooks Online, etc.) are for PC only (insert snarky “PC’s are for business” comment here). I know several of you are self-employed, income-producing type persons with several of the same businessy needs that we have, so I’d like to know what you use. I need to find something that does the following:

  • Manages basic cash-method accounting, with no inventory.
  • Sync’s with online backing from World Savings Bank, er Washington Mutual, uh WacoviaOne World Federal Freedom-First OmniBank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the U.S. Treasury.
  • Prints and tracks invoices.
  • Simplifies tax accounting for both self-employed taxes and sales taxes (on a per-county basis would be great, since her weddings take place all over the state).
  • MUST run on Mac! Online version would be great, but install software is fine too.

Any “Huzzah, use this!” or “Stay away, do not go to there” advice to pass along?