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Finishing Work

I am in desperate need of two things: first, a good music editor. Someone who can proof-read scores, who can find all of the small little errors in notation that need to be ironed out before a piece is handed off to the performers. Someone who is so good and creative themselves that they can figure out the distance between what I meant and what I actually wrote. I need an Aly, but for scores. Actually, Aly can probably kick ass at that, too.

Next, I am realizing that I am in desperate need of fixed deadlines. I went to final print today on the piece Our Father, Vindicate and copies are being handed out to the choir next week. I was sitting there next to the printer literally marking out edits and making changes as the sheets were printing out. If it were only up to me, I would probably spend another 600 hours on the things and still not feel done. I need someone who has the power to rip things from my hands and say, “You’re finished. No more.”

The Economy Comes Home

Hey, peeps. So … the economic badness trickled down to me on Friday and I got laid off. It was weird. And sad, because I truly loved my job. I worked for the company, a Christian publishing house, for nearly 5 years and had many wonderful work friends. They were sad to see me go, too, which is nice. Damn you, downsizing.

Anyway, this is suddenly a great time for me to build my freelance writing and editing business. I sent out an email to everyone on my contact list, but I thought it might not be too tacky to give AddRd readers a heads-up as well. Here is what I wrote:

“Need stand-out copy for your website, your catalog or mailer, a radio or TV spot or product packaging? I’m your man … er, girl. Wondering who on earth knows when and when not to use a semi-colon? Wonder no longer; I know. Praying for the perfect collaborative writer for your soon-to-be critically acclaimed, surprise bestseller, Canine Soteriology: Do Dogs Go to Heaven? Your prayers have been answered! I love project development and speculative theology. And dogs.

In short, I’d like to charge you shockingly reasonable rates for smithing words. When next you or those on your contact list (wink, nudge) are in the market for words smithed within an inch of their lives, I hope you will get in touch.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration and I look forward to working with you. Blessings,

Aly Hawkins
alymhawkins [at] gmail [dot] com

“The key person to any success this book may enjoy is Aly Hawkins … without any exaggeration, Aly proved to be among the best editors I have ever had.”
–Tony Campolo, from the preface to Red Letter Christians (Regal, 2008)

References, a partial client list and samples of my work are available upon request.

Thanks for letting me pimp my wares. Thanks, too, in advance to all you praying types for the intercession on Ash’s and my behalf.