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Beer Appreciation Night

Remember this? Good news! It’s back, and it’s on, tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 4th), starting at 7:30. It’s around $20, plus the cost of food and a cab ride home, if you hit the brewsky a bit too hard. I cannot emphasize enough to you all how awesome this will be. The theme of the night is Oktoberfest, and it will be wall to wall deep dark german beers. Yum!

It’s at BJ’s in Woodland Hills (google maps). I’ll be there at around 7:00 to grab some tables. Let me know if you’re coming by leaving a comment here, or email me, and I’ll make sure you have a seat.

Just to clarify, this is an open invite. If you read the blog, but don’t know us, and would like to, please feel free to swing by and share in the good cheer. Look for this guy:

Mike and Gretchen