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Finishing Work

I am in desperate need of two things: first, a good music editor. Someone who can proof-read scores, who can find all of the small little errors in notation that need to be ironed out before a piece is handed off to the performers. Someone who is so good and creative themselves that they can figure out the distance between what I meant and what I actually wrote. I need an Aly, but for scores. Actually, Aly can probably kick ass at that, too.

Next, I am realizing that I am in desperate need of fixed deadlines. I went to final print today on the piece Our Father, Vindicate and copies are being handed out to the choir next week. I was sitting there next to the printer literally marking out edits and making changes as the sheets were printing out. If it were only up to me, I would probably spend another 600 hours on the things and still not feel done. I need someone who has the power to rip things from my hands and say, “You’re finished. No more.”