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15 Future Conversations

Brief quotes from conversations I fully expect to have before I die:

  1. “Of course we wanted that house, but you have to understand honey, back then a million dollars was a lot of money!”
  2. “I don’t care if it is the ‘casual’ service, you’re not wearing ass-less chaps to church!”
  3. “I just don’t enjoy listening to music on beam-o-wave. I prefer the vintage sound of mp3s.”
  4. “Yeah, we were planning to go up to Santa Cruz for the 4th of July, but Gretchen got placed on the Homeland Security ‘No-Drive’ list, so we’re not allowed on any Interstate Highways.”
  5. “You damn kids, get off my astro-turf!”
  6. “So he’s just bricked? Totally comatose until the next upgrade? See, that’s why I’m waiting for the 2nd generation iControl neural implants.”
  7. “Well, yeah, we used to have salad at almost every meal, but since we deployed the Death-Ray Border-Bots, nobody can afford to grow lettuce commercially.”
  8. “If you read the course description, it still says Logic Pro and ProTools, but these days we spend most of the semester on Guitar Hero.”
  9. “So even though the company went bankrupt and was sold off piecemeal in the mid 30′s, we still use ‘google’ as a verb.”
  10. “There is no plug, it runs on gasoline.”
  11. “This is disgusting. We should just spend the extra money and get the name-brand protein cartridges for the food replicator. I’m tired of the sludge these refills put out.”
  12. “Welcome to the 11:45 Karaoke Service. If you’d like to lead a worship song, just hand your slip of paper and offering envelope to the nearest usher.”
  13. “We would love to put some trees in the backyard, but we can’t afford the mandatory carbon-onset credits to reduce global cooling.”
  14. “Now it’s mostly used as a skate park, but back when it was first opened the Large Hadron Collider was a very sophisticated piece of scientific equipment.”
  15. “Heard of them? I played keyboards on their first two records!”

You kids can take it from here.

Guy Kawasaki, the Evangelist

Exactly a year ago, I ran across a post at a blog by Guy Kawasaki, where he lays out his ideas about evangelism. I blogged about it here, noting that although his evangelism was for a product, or a brand, it seemed to be equally relevant to evangelism in the context of faith. In fact, remarkably so. It’s no surprise that Kawasaki should be so adept at building brand loyalty and product awareness; in the late 90′s he was hired by Apple computers to reinvigorate the Cult of Mac. What was surprising was that his view of product evangelism seemed to be conscientiously drawing from a kind of religious evangelism that is compassionate, focused on the real person in front of you.

guy kawasakiTurns out, this is not a coincidence. I don’t know how I missed it the first time around, but in December of this last year, Kawasaki posted an article about how he learned to communicate, and where he developed his understanding of how to persuade people to consider perspectives they hadn’t previously explored. In the post, he talks about 5 pastors whose communication style he intentional studied, and their perspectives on evangelism. Kawasaki is on the board of Hawaiian Island Ministries, a leadership training organization. He credits the company of these men and women as that source of his perspectives on communication and honest persuasion.

You can read the post here. HT: Steve Addison

Hooty-McDeal – iPod Geekout!

I’m sure this is old hat for all of us Uber Dorks here at Addison Road. But in case you spent this morning sleeping in a hole…

Apple released new iPods today. For all you 12-year old girls, the Nano now holds a sh*tload more songs, and has a fancy new aluminum case. 2 Gig up to 8 Gigs – it’s priced between $150 and $250. But if you’re not stealing Aaron Carter tunes from Limewire, and you actually want to fill up your MP3 player with 192KHZ tunage – the standard iPod Video has been upgraded to 80 gigs. Yes, 80 mother-lovin gigs. I don’t care if you rip your tunes in straight uncompressed AIFF format – you ain’t runnin’ outta space on this bad boy. Best of all? The price actually dropped for all this extra storage. $350 for 80GB, and $250 for 30GB. (I just ordered an 80GB black) Talk about a Hooty McDeal!

Also, the Shuffle has been updated as well – now it’s the size of a grain of rice. Well, almost….By the way – check out the giant butt on the Shuffle’s page.
This release comes along with news of the new Apple iTV – a device that will let you stream the video contents of your computer to your television. Personally, I already own such a device – I call it Tivo. (Or, more recently, the new HD cable box from Motorolla, powered by something called “Moxi”) But whatever. Apple also released iTunes 7, which includes downloadable movies, and looks simply delicious, and also introduced some time-sucking downloadable games for the iPod.

Anyone wanna buy my PSP?

Student Projects (or, Why I Love Teaching)

So, today is the end of the Spring semester at APU, and I’m in the midst of grading final projects for my students. Today is one of those days where I realize that I could do this for the rest of my life.

I teach Music Technology, which is ostensibly about teaching students how to be mini-geeks, but in reality, it’s a clever ruse for me to get to teach them about composition, orchestration, physics, philosophy, production, collaboration, asthetics, and how to use their brain in sticky ways.

Here’s why I love today. I get to see how they take everything I’ve taught them, and put it all together in one project. They write original music (or do take-downs of existing pop songs), and create full demos of them, with audio tracking, editing, mixdown, the whole deal. I was blown away by the maturity that these 19-year-old students are already showing in their creative work, and so, like a proud teacher, I’m going to brag on them a bit.

You should head on over to this post on my course site, and listen to the Hall of Fame, the best projects from each class as voted on by the students. Remember that, for most of them, the first time they touched Logic Pro was 4 months ago.

I think they would be thrilled if some of you wanted to stop by and listen, and maybe leave some feedback in the comments section.