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Griffith Park Fire

So, our hills are on fire. They’ve got it mostly contained now, but last night it was a very eerie sight – the newly reopened Griffith Park observatory, the zoo, the trails, all shut down because the entire hillside was lit up. I sat in traffic at the 134 / 5 interchange, parked on the overpass about a half-mile from the hill, and watched the fireline crawl over the crest of the park.

griffith park fire

Sophia and I are staying inside today, because the air here is thick with smoke – you can feel it when you breathe. And not in the good way. For those of you who aren’t nearby, we live about 3 miles from the fire.

map to fire

Jury Duty in LA

I sacrificed 8 hours for Lady Justice today. I got up at 5:45, rode the metro to downtown LA, went through metal detectors and a body cavity search in order to sit in a cattle-car room with 200 other people, waiting to see if we got asked to serve on a jury.

There was a tense moment when the superviser announced that they were calling names for a 30 day, sequestered trial, and we all held our breathe praying that we didn’t get called. Beyond that, the day was pretty dull. I sat around until 3:30, at which point they sent us home, our duty served.

So, here’s why I love LA. I was sitting in a room with 200 randomly selected people, including

Dakin Matthews

Dakin Matthews


Bernadette Peters

Bernadette Peters

Also, I sat next to this guy:

brian joseph

Brian Joseph, and we argued about MIDI integration in Protools 7 vs. Logic 7. I love that you can plop down next to some random guy in LA, and there’s a pretty good chance that he will have a deeply passionate and well-reasoned opinion on which production software environment works best for a given project.