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iphone tethering hack

So, let’s say that hypothetically you installed the iphone tethering hack, and let’s say that hypothetically after the 3.1 software update, you no longer receive visual voicemail on your iphone, and that you’re somehow not OK with losing one of the basic functions of your phone. Go here, follow instructions, receive all 38 unheard messages.


iPhone Apps I’d Like To See

I love the new iPhone Apps store – another coup for Apple in their ongoing campaign to change how we use technology. The release of the WordPress app got to me thinking about other iPhone apps that I’d like to see. Hopefully some of these software makers will take up the charge and release these apps!


I realize this one is a geek-out, but I’d love to have a command line interface that will allow me to login to remote servers via SSH, and do basic maintenance tasks (like deleting Zack’s bootleg collection of vintage pinup girls that he keeps uploading to the server). This shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

Tivo Command Center

Find programs, record them, manage season passes, order video rentals from Amazon’s UnBox, all remotely. And by remotely, I mean from the kitchen table. Tivo already allows http access to your home box, through both Yahoo’s TV listings and amazon’s website, so the code infrastructure should be in place.

Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk is my favorite task-list software, and it already has a very nice iphone web interface. So what would they add by building an iPhone app? The ability to import and export tasks from the iPhone calendar, the ability to add contacts to a task, and the ability to push alarms for incomplete tasks. Basically, the ability to take away every excuse for my total lack of personal organization.


I know. iTunes video downloads rock, hulu.com sucks. I said as much myself, some while back. You know what? I was wrong. Hulu is fast, high quality, has a very broad catalog (including great older shows), and the ads are less obtrusive than on broadcast TV. I realize that this will never happen, because 1) Hulu videos are flash-based, so far an iPhone no-no, and 2) Apple maintains tight control over apps that are released in the store, and there is zero chance that they are going to allow access to an app that directly competes with one of their primary profit models. Still, a girl can dream.


If you don’t yet know the awesomeness that is armagetron, here’s the recap – you race the light cycles from the movie Tron. Now, picture the same thing, but with the motion sensor in the iPhone controlling your cycle turns. Awesome.

Well, that’s me. What about ya’ll? Anything you’d like to see someone build for the iPhone?

wp iphone app

WordPress just released an iphone app that allows you to post remotely. The only bummer is having to type on the tiny keyboard.

Big Kid Toys

My timing stinks. I lost my cellphone last week, which is like 2 weeks too early for me to convince Gretchen that I should replace it the lifestyle-in-a-can iPhone that comes out June 29th.

Treo 700wx

So, instead, I bought a Treo 700wx used from a guy off craigslist. Tip for used phone buyers: Sprint (and every other major carrier) keeps a list of cell phones that are legit, and those that got lifted off the back of a truck. It took me 30 seconds to call Sprint, check the ESN (Electronic Serial Number), and find out that the phone was not stolen, and could be used on my plan with no problems. If you’re going to hand some guy you’ve never met a wad of sweaty cash, it’s a good idea to make that call.

I got it home, and of course the first thing you have to do when you buy a phone is find the right ringtone to suit your style. None of the default ringers quite worked for me, so I fired up the studio, and programmed my own. Feel free to download it for your own personal use, if you like it.


click to download: MyRingtone.mp3

I replaced the browser on the phone with Opera Mobile, which does a great job of viewing rich media sites on a tiny 3 inch screen. I cruised by the ole’ Road House, and was horrified at how poorly the site performs on a mobile phone. Fortunately, Alex King has programmed a plugin called WordPress Mobile Edition that detects incoming views from mobile phones, and gives them a simple single-column, no graphic version of the blog. Very cool. In the next build of the blog, I’ll probably experiment with doing my own version of an alternate site (http://m.addisonrd.com coming soon!), complete with recent comments, and the ability to do simple posting from the mobile without having to load the entire admin panel.

So far, my biggest complaint is that the phone syncs up with all my email accounts. Anywhere I go, all of my emails get to me. All of my emails. Including the 50 offers I get every day to buy pills to enhance my man junk. I need to buy a pill for that? I thought that’s why I just bought a fancy phone! Anyway, getting an alert every 20 minutes with 6 new spam emails sucks.

Any other Treo owners out there? Anyone familiar with Windows Mobile? What hacks / add-ons should I look at getting? Help me pimp out my new big kid toy! I’d really like to get a mobile version of Instant Messenger that works.