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iChat Tagline Wars

I’m outing two Addison Road regulars here, including our respected founder.

Everyone’s familiar with iChat, right? Oh, just the cool kids? Ok. Great. For the rest of you, iChat is the mac native version of AOL Instant Messenger, but.. well… you know… much better.

One of the things that has become a mainstay for people who operate much of their life online is the all important status message. It’s a little text window just below your name that tells people how you’re feeling, what you’re doing, or if you’re not there. When you sign onto the program, you get your buddy list, complete with their status lights, (green or red) and you have a pretty good idea about with whom you might or might not chat.

Many of mine are my favorite movie quotes, like, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” or, “NOBODY STEPS ON A CHURCH IN MY TOWN!” Currently, it’s set to, “I’m blogging about you right now.”

Well, this past Sunday, as I engaged in my 2nd service ritual of taking a moment to catch my breath in my office during the message, (which, music pastors of the world, is only acceptable if you’ve sat for the first one… I feel very strongly about this) and I noticed that Matty’s status indicator was green and read: “I hate you. You know who you are.”

Now, perhaps it’s just that I’m in the headspace that I’m in, but my first thought was, “Is it me?” So, of course, I typed that.

“No,” the bubble says, “You’d know.”

LOL. I can hear the preacher winding down and I sign off.

Flash forward to today (Tuesday), and his status message is the same. Now, again, perhaps it’s just where I’m at, but again I start to wonder… “Wow. I wonder if Matt had some client that screwed him out of money or something. I hope everything’s alright…” I hit him again.

“So who do you hate?”

“Mike Lee. He knows why.”

The all important other-person-is-typing indicator flashes onto the screen and then the bubble that represents a person whom I have known half of my life and lived with longer then anyone outside my wife or family says…

“His tagline read, ‘Dance monkey dance,’ so I changed mine to, ‘I’m not your monkey,’ and then I came back to work and his read, ‘Matt is my monkey,’ and well… it all sort of went downhill from there.”

I had walked headfirst into a tagline war.

Ladies and gentlemen, between them, Mike and Matty are respectable, upstanding members of society. They both earn good livings doing things are legal and that they enjoy and at which they are talented. They are each married, and have 3.3 children between them. They also have been engaged in an alpha-male feces-slinging contest since the moment they laid eyes upon one another about a decade ago. It’s a brave new world, but some things never change.

I love my friends.

Since we’ve gotten all personal this week, I’ll take it a step further. I’m on AOL instant messenger like… all the time. chadapu is my screen name. Yes, that screen name dates all the way back to college, when the tubes were new. And smaller.

Put me on your buddy list, if you like. I know that there are about a hundred people who read this blog via feedburner, and I know we don’t have that many friends. I’d be very interested to know who you are, and where you’re from, and why you like hanging out here. Feel free to interrupt my day. If I can, I’ll get all chatty.

Maybe someday we’ll have a tagline war.