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We [Heart] Lucy

Last night Lucy baptized Michael & Gretchen’s kitchen in the triune-name of Over-Excitement, Insecurity and Misplaced Submission. But we still think she’s the cutest thing since Barbie-sized sliced bread. (Hopefully we won’t lose too many more friends before she’s housetrained.) Here she is in all her floppy-eared glory.

The Amazing Lucy

Lucy, Up Close and Personal

And just for good measure, here is our new and improved living room (remember how we installed laminate flooring and got new furniture?). I’m including this picture because some of you have asked to see the spectacular results of our Herculean efforts, and for posterity’s sake just in case Lucy turns out to have a really, really destructive streak. The pic’s a bit dark, but use the imaginations God gave you.
The Hawkins-Ashmore Pad