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Hooty McDeal: More Free Music from Amazon


Last week, I told you all about the 99 free songs from Amazon.  I have to apologize, as every single one of those songs is complete garbage. Seriously. I almost blew my brains out.  But now…

Amazon has a host of free “Label Sampler” downloads. Basically, a bunch of indie record labels released compilations of their respective artists. They’re offering 10 full albums/compilations for free, you don’t need to sign up for spam, either!  Check ‘em out here.  I have no idea if and/or when these expire, so get at ‘em, won’t you?

At the very least, download the sampler with the Flight of The Conchords and Iron and Wine songs, put together by Amazon. It’s got some really good music on it, including a track from Fleet Foxes, my new favorite band. and it costs none dollars and zero cents.

Don’t say I never gave you nuthin.

Hooty McDeal

Woot is a website that sells one thing each day, until it sells out, or until it expires after a 24 hour period. Typically, they sell electronics, computery parts, or gadget-type stuff. They’re super awesome people. They also have a site called Wine Woot, where, predictably, one can buy quartets of old liquid grapes for substantial savings. (My girlfriend is the wine drinker, and she spends 35% of her annual income at Wine Woot. She’s like a choca-holic, but for booze. ) So…

If you’re one of the 4 people on this planet that doesn’t own an iPod, today is your lucky day. Today’s Woot is a 20 Gigabyte Apple iPod. You know, the 3rd generation White one that doesn’t do anything more than play music, and the occasional game of Parachute. (Lame)

It’s $99.00. It’s refurbished. Shipping is $5.00. Get ‘em quick. Good stuff on Woot doesn’t last long!

PS – if you become horribly addicted to Woot, please don’t blame me. PPS – the site refreshes with a new product at 10PM Pacific Time, every day.

Hooty McConcept

Well, it’s not quite a Hooty McDeal just yet, since you can’t actually order this product. (It’s still just a concept.)  But I know a few people who could benefit from this type of product…myself included.

From SciFi.com…

“Clearly this is some sort of jokey concept, but I just love that chinstrap. It really takes this thing away from the realm of the reasonable and straight into crazytown. I mean, how uncomfortable does this thing look? I love it, I love it so much. I especially like the “sporty” version with the ABA colors and guy with a fro. Seriously, if they ever made one of these for real I would buy one just to support the mad genius who came up with it. Kudos.”

Kudos, indeed.

Hooty-McDeal – It’s a Woot-Off!

Greetings, Christian consumers….Today’s Hooty McDeal is nothing new, really. But if there’s anyone in the Western Hemisphere that isn’t already aware of Woot, consider this post more of a public service…

Woot is a very unique shopping site. Each day, a product is offered at a (usually) much lower price – sometimes the products are refurbished. The product is offered at some ridiculous price for 24 hours, or until it sells out – whichever comes first.

Sometimes, like today, you can find a “Woot-Off” – products are offered in rapid-fire succession – for an hour or two, or until they sell out. As of 10:55AM Pacific Time, the current item is a JBL On-Stage iPod dock for the socially and economically retarded price of ony $59.99. An hour ago, cordless Bluetooth headsets for the XBOX 360 were on-sale for $5.00 – yes, five bucks. But that was an hour ago – in Woot time, that’s like 1986.

The deals are humongous, the products are typically top-notch, and the writing and reviews are damn hilarious.

And for all you wine drinkers (see: alcoholics, Ally) check out Woot’s sister site: Woot Wine! For one week at a time, quartets of fine wines are offered at similarly ridiculous prices.


I’ve decided to start a new feature here at Addison Rd. (With Sir Mike’s approval, of course…)

Since quite a few of us spend our days reading websites with names like “Gear Slutz” and “Gizmodo“, it’s safe to assume that we’re a bunch of dirty gadget consumers. So, once in a while, I’ll be compelled to post about some fabulous deal I’ve found on the interwebs. Here’s a good one for ya:

Sennheiser HD-28 Headphones from Amazon – $73 w/free shipping.

That’s about $125 less than retail for some damn fine cans. I own about a gazillion dollars worth of Sennheiser stuff, and it’s totally bueno.