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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Thirty-Year-Old Nerds

So, normally I post like… once a month…  Sorry for interrupting my usual rhythm.

The new Indiana Jones trailer premiered today, and 49 seconds into the trailer, that horn fanfare starts up, and I became 12 again.  I actually jumped up and down with delight, I’m moderately ashamed to say.

It’s my belief that Raiders is the single greatest action film of all time, with maybe Aliens and the original Die Hard vying for the silver medal.  I miss the 80′s, man.  It’s the story, stupid.  It’s always the story.  Raiders was a classic in ’82, it’s a classic in ’08, and it will still be a classic in ’82 again.  

Just try these on for size… and I’m going from memory here.

“Throw me the idol, I throw you the whip!”

“Snakes… why’d it have to be snakes…”

“Wave it at anything that slithers!”

“It ain’t the years, honey… it’s the mileage.”

And so on…  So, everyone knows that Temple of Doom was too dark, and that Last Crusade was too glib, but even those flicks had some utterly classic moments.  It’s amazing to me that even when Spielberg misfires, (let’s say… War of the Worlds) he’s still totally arresting as a storyteller.  I think that Munich is perhaps the single most underrated movie of the last five years.  The bottom line is that, for me, the Indiana Jones movies were way more a part of my growing-up lexicon then the Star Wars movies.  Sorry, kids.  Luke was kind of a weenie.  If Han was the focus of the story, it would have been different.  

The line squat at The Village starts at around 4pm,  May 22nd, for anyone who’s with me.