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Fire Season, Rain Season

Thankfully, it looks like the massive Station Fire is slowing down. Our thanks and prayers with the firefighters who have been slugging it out on the front lines.

Tuesday night was a little scary, when the fire moved over into the canyons above Monrovia, and for a little while Gretchen and I had to think through what we would pack up and what we would leave if the call came to evacuate. This is the first time we’ve lived close enough to the city / mountain divide to have to think about things like that. I don’t like it.

So, not to add more fear to anyone’s week, but I haven’t really heard anyone talking about this yet. This winter marks the return of El NiƱo, and all that comes with it. I wonder how the hillsides in the burn areas will fare if the rain really starts pouring in a few months.

Well, that’s for another day, I guess. I’m just glad that the danger is abating, for now.

On the Presence

Kyrie Yeshua

Be with us
though we shriek and
spit and kick
claw and tooth

Be with us
though we beat your chest
molars grinding
face wet with sweat and red

Be with us
though in our shame
we flee your grace

though in our shame
we are repelled by your innocence
by your strength

Be with us
though your children are
too often
children in your presence

May we never be
Bereft of you