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I Believe in Phlifterofftenopf

Dieter, the new Storyteller at Humble Ancient Future Gathering of All Saints Church in Austin, has some great guidelines for the Emering Church. I think his voice is one that should be heard at the table.

These are not rules, only personal opinions forged out of years of painful introspection and emotional implosion. These rules were revealed to me while handling my chakra beads and crawling through a labyrinth in a bakasana yoga position as I listened to Morrissey on my iPod.

Read the rest here.

(ht: JollyBlogger)

Phreaky Phriday: Clash of the Skin-Tite Gospels

Everybody remember our friend Carla Rolfe, from EmergentNo, the one who’s pretty sure that we’re all going to hell because we’re not pre-millenial dispensational, truly reformed inerrantists? Well, apparently, she’s trying to raise some scratch for her fancy web-site thingy, and she’s doing it by selling skin-tight camisoles with the 5 “Solas” emblazoned across the bossomly area. Seriously. Go buy yours today. (Anybody wanna custom one for me that ends with “Sola Hot!”

Picture 1-21

Let it never be said that we younger folks don’t learn at the feet of our elders. Stephanie Woodward at Oh Me of Little Faith has posted the first in her new line of designer jeans for emergents:

I know what somebody’s getting for Mother’s day!