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New Music From The Dailies – Signal Chain

Well.  I wish to assure Mike and Corey that I have not slunk off anywhere.  All of the bittersweet couplets are already written.  

This past week has been very, very busy.    Anyways… here is something new for you all to hear.  I will again send you to The Dailies website to hear it.  This one’s got a little fundie-bait in it, not to mention a pretty sweet bass part.  :)

Click here and enjoy!

New Music from The Dailies

Alrighty, I’ll break the blogging fast with a little demo-licious goodness.

For several weeks now, I’ve been blogging in obscurity over at our recently simplified website.  It’s been fun… a private little place for me to put my thoughts,  creating a little backlog of material for when we decided to make it known to ya’ll.  That time has come, we think.  

I won’t post the audio here, because I want you guys to go over there!  :)  Feel free to comment here or there, or anywhere.  I’ll continue posting material and then alerting the Addison Roadies about any and all new stuff.  We hope you enjoy!  There’s more discussion about the music itself on our blog.