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December is a big month. Clearly. In addition to the obvious, in our family, we also celebrate my parents anniversary (47 years and counting!), our eldest son’s birthday, one of our niece’s birthdays, our anniversary and my grandmother’s birthday. Those celebrations fall on December 23rd for my parents, December 22nd for both kiddo’s birthdays, Dec 21st for us and Dec 28th for Grandmother………..why yes, I’d love another helping of crazy…to go with my crazy…on top of my crazy. Oh, and can you pour me a glass of crazy while you’re at it? Thanks! So, amidst the crazycrazycrazy, my beloved Brian and I have managed to carve out an anniversary celebration each and every year since our mullet-heavy nuptials 15 years ago. The high point was probably 1998 BC (Before Children)…we celebrated our fifth anniversary by returning to our honeymoon spot: Sun Valley, Idaho for skiing and, ya know. The low point (and this has nothing to do with the joy and blessing of being parents) was probably our 10th anniversary when I was six months preggers with our second son. We went to Santa Barbara for the weekend and ended up in a hotel room next to newlyweds who had, apparently, saved themselves for their wedding night and were intent on making up for lost time. It was nearly lewd and very loud, and reeeeeaaaaally tiring. And, like many a six-month preggers woman, I did not possess the hormonal fortitude to withstand a long night of no sleep. It was only the tiniest shred of propriety that kept me from lugging my weary, rotund self over to knock on their door and plead with them to keep it down. (Hmmmm….and now that I think about it, I probably wouldn’t have had to actually say anything…the mere sight of me, all crying and pregnant and generally unattractive might’ve seriously put the damper on their baby-makin’ activity. Oh well.) So yeah, the no sleeping and the having to stop every 30 yards to either pee, eat, or not pass out as we strolled around picturesque Santa Barbara on our 10th anniversary did not make for a particularly romantic experience.

This year, thanks to our 19-year-old niece who is all that (ie: babysitter extraordinaire!) we’ll be escaping to an uber hip hotel near Lake Tahoe for a couple days to celebrate our anniversary. Sadly, we’ll be missing out on some Christmastime events that we’d very much like to participate in, but the truth is, having such a valid reason to take a break from It All, right in the middle of It All, every December, has proven to be a Very Good Thing Indeed. It almost makes up for the general lousiness of having our anniversary be 4 days before Christmas. (Whose idea was that anyway?!?!? Oh. Right. It was mine. Oops.) Also this year, since it’s our fifteenth anniversary (and any anniversary year that is evenly divisible by five seems particularly noteworthy, which is fairly random and weird if you think about it) I’m taking the time to note, worthily, just how awesome my beloved is. But, since this is an online venue and I don’t want to completely and utterly repel all the nice folks here with my Song of Songs tendencies that I easily lapse into when dwelling ‘pon that quiet (and awesome…have I mentioned that he’s awesome?) man from Michigan with whom I live life, I’ll limit myself to an online-appropriate list-o-love. Just know that this list falls profoundly short of expressing the sublimeyness that is the true love I know, live and feel for him of whom I speak…but like I said, this is the internet and I don’t want to gross anyone out toooo much…cuz’ I am, after all, big on propriety.

Fifteen thoughts on our Fifteenth anniversary for my awesome husband:

1. I was a sad, sad girl with some biggish issues and baddish hair when we met. You saw past the hangups and the baggage and the frizzies and thought I was great. Thanks for that. Thanks forever for that.

2. You’re a little artsy. I’m a little more artsty. It works…mostly because you are grounded and unwavering on what matters most and perfectly flexible about everything else. Thanks for that.

3. Thanks for helping me wash my face when I was in an ICU for nine days. And, for not crying around me. Thanks. For that.

4. For being dependable…thank you!

5. For being hot….thank you!

6. For playing the piano in the house. Thanks for that every single time…it will always get you out of many a pesky chore…because I don’t want you to stop playing!

7. When you wrote that song about falling in love with me, recorded a track, burned it to a cd, put it in your car stereo and then sang it to me live as we drove somewhere in 1993, I could’ve died. Are you for real?! Sheesh. Thanks!

8. When you wrote an original version of the wedding march, with those big, fat, beautiful chords that sound like you need fifteen fingers to play each one of them, and had your old pianist friend from college play them for us as I walked down the aisle at our wedding, I could’ve died. You are so for real and I am one lucky girl!

9. My favorite moment in our wedding was seeing the look on your face when you saw me. (Not that our flowers being undelivered and the photographer catching on fire and your best man nearly passing out wasn’t all really cool and fun and all.)

10. Not having ever been to Sun Valley without you, I don’t want to ever be in Sun Valley without you. It wouldn’t be “Sun” Valley if you weren’t there…it would be Dark, Cold, Lonely, Sad, Forlorn, Ugly, Unsexy Valley. (Bye everybody…I know this one has made all the readers depart…thanks for stickin’ in this long!)

11. When I’m like at Zane’s school and like, some of the other moms start like kvetching about their husbands and they’re all like, well, like bitchy and mean, I’m always like thinking “Man, you’re sounding kind of like bitchy and mean and like, maybe that’s all, like, true, and if so I’m like really sorry for you and if you like knew how great my husband is, you’d like hate me!”

12. I thought you were pretty stinkin’ cute and cool when you were 21….you are immeasurably cuter and cooler now. I’m particularly fond of those little gray hairs around your ears…and your highly evolved interior self. Gray hair + maturity = mucho sexy.

13. I am, in fact, “Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you, Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.”

14. The first time I saw our custom-ordered wedding bands I, um, well, I thought they were kind of ugly. But, being high-minded and all, I lovedlovedloved the fact that you had your heart set on the braided style to represent a “chord of three strands.” Now, I think they are super cool…and I’m glad I sucked it up for the sake of your awesome idea. I don’t know what my deal was back then….er…and sometimes now….keep bringing the good ideas…you have lots of ‘em!

15. As my oldish mom said to my old dad recently, thanks for loving me as much as I love you.

Happy Anniversary babe!