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Blogging Software

I’m building an awesome new blog for our very own June Steckler, and I’m looking around for a design program that won’t cost me $500. When I do my own stuff, I usually just hand-code stuff with CSS and HTML, but that won’t work for what she wants. I need some actually pretty pretty.

I realize that the right thing to do at this point is sub-contract to an actual designer, but I’m working in trade for original awesome artwork, and I’m not sure I can really offer somebody 1/3 of a painting.

Anybody use anything on a mac that they really like for web design, that is either cheap or free?

Happy Blog Redesign for Super Joy!

It was time.

As always, if you find anything quirky or broken, let me know. Especially those of you who are using Internet Explorer. I tried hard this time around to make everything cross-compatible, but that’s always a tricky proposition. If someone wants to take some screenshots with IE and email them to me, I would appreciate it.

Also, this is the thread to submit tagline suggestions. Yes, the people have spoken, and taglines are back. Rejoice, you miscreants and anarchists. Thanks to Bobby for writing the PHP code that is powering the taglines. Turns out somebody wanted them back badly enough to actually do something about it.

Also, check out the menu. Not all of the links work yet, but the little greybox popup is very cool. If you want to make your case for being included in the “our other gigs” section, email me.

If any of you miss the old design, here’s your nostalgic look back:

addy old design