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10 Days of Christmas: The Kenosis

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What an absurd celebration we have embraced to remember the incarnation.

We celebrate by filling up. Calendars, full. CD players, full. Gift lists, full. Credit cards, full. Belly, full. Every moment of this season is dedicated, months in advance, to being filled up. Not all of the filling up things are bad things – time with friends and family are good things, gifts given out of selflessness and friendship are always a good thing.

But taken all-together, the result is a season that is every moment filled up, without a second to breathe, and no time to think or reflect.

What an absurd way to celebrate the incarnation. I wish we could push all of that to Easter, the great celebration. Let’s move our Lenten fast to Christmas, and celebrate the incarnation by imitation.

Who, being in very substance God, did not consider his divine prerogatives as things to be gripped tightly, but emptied himself. Made himself nothing. Humbled himself.

This is the Christmas story that has captured me. The folding down of the divine person into the frail and corruptible human story, the setting aside of every perfect glory to take up this mundane flesh. All the redeeming that is to come begins in that moment.

Christmas is the great emptying out.

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Poo Fright

I loves me some strange products. In fact, I spend a large portion of my free time examining consumer culture and marketing. Personally, I find it fascinating. Once in a while, you come across a gem like this.

The Baby-Keeper is designed to hang on the door of public bathroom stall whilst you drop some brown bombs. There’s a few mom’s here at Addison Road who can probably attest to public crappin’ being an issue when you’ve got little Jimmy on your lap. So, I imagine that this product actually has a consumer base, making it somewhat more useful than say, a heated computer mouse.

But come on, people. I can’t Deliver The Cosby’s if the dog happens to glance at me. I can’t imagine anyone can feel totally comfortable pinching a loaf while a tiny human stares at you from less than 2 feet away. Shudder…