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Faculty Training Day

Today is our all day faculty training day. The theme is “Achieving Student Outcome-based Learning Goals: the journey, not the destination.”

So, clearly the day promises to be very meaningful. I’ll give live updates through the day so you can share the experience with me.

9:13 Somebody saw fit to bring their one year old infant. Seriously.

9:40 oh $”@$! There is a new federal requirement for standardardized assessments in higher education in order to get accreditation. Hooray, we get all the joy of No Child Left Behind, a whole new layer of administration, and several new committees to serve on. Just the thing we need to revitalize university education.

10:46 I used the excuse of a meeting with the VP in charge of staff to duck out of the training day. I met with her and the small group leader, and then it just seemed rude to interrupt the meeting by walking back in, so I’m hanging out in the school of music.

11:01 I got caught by the dean. crap. Back to the meeting.

12:00 Taught another faculty member how to build a course website in 20 seconds using iWeb. I love that feeling you get when people see the light.

1:00 Rod Cathey wins the Inspirational Faculty Award. Woo-Hoo!

1:05 and, scene. We actually got out early!