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15 Hymns: Labor of Love

Chad once said something that I will co-opt, and bastardize, to suit my purposes; “Every Christmas song worth a damn was either written 300 years ago, or is ‘Labor of Love’ by Andrew Peterson.” I loved this song from the moment I first heard it on a rehearsal demo for Chad’s Christmas musical a few years ago.

Since everyone else involved in this project seems intent on sending in radio-ready masters of incredible arrangements, I decided to play the contrary, and deliver this thing up, warts and all. I tried to stay with the simplicity of the original song, just alone at a piano in a noisy room, recording the song as it went down. If you want to hear the much, much better version, follow the happy itunes link:
Jill Phillips with Andrew Peterson - The Nativity Story: Sacred Songs - Labor of Love

For the rest of you, enjoy.


labor of love
photo by introspectre

“Let Your Justice” & 30dropframe

Some of you might be interested in this. Starting tonight at about 8 PM, I’ll be re-tracking the song “Let Your Justice Roll” over at 30dropframe.com. You can check out the live webcam feed from the studio.

I’m using one mic (borrowed from Chad – thanks!) and one piano (a huge yamaha concert grand), but overdubbing to build a full orchestral track. The strings will be bowed piano strings, percussion will be me plunking and banging the thing, and the big explosion at the end will be me taking an ax to the leg of the …. (just kidding, phil).

All that to say, I think it will be cool. It’ll probably go from about 8 PM until 3 or 4 in the morning. Come, hang out, making witty banter with Ash and Aly on the webcam.

DaVinci in DaCrapper

What if it sucks?

I mean, what if it’s a real turd?

I mean, Opie has made some really good movies. I thought Cinderella Man was totally underrated and got schnookered at the box office. Apollo 13 remains one of the single most repeatedly watchable movies ever made. I cry every time those damn parachutes open.

Forrest makes some pretty good ones too, while I’m thinking about it. He’s one of the few guys who is just about watchable in anything. I think he’s the Jimmy Stewart of our generation. I hear he’s a decent fellow, too. Married, kids, the whole nine. Our friend Zack has an odd connection with him, and reports that he’s down to earth and easy to get along with.

So, these guys are pretty bankable, and you’ve got Sir Ian, who could act the white pages, the cute french chick who gave us all a French fetish in Amelie, and even Leon, for pity’s sake. You’ve got academy award winners and industry moguls behind the best selling fictional book… ever.

What if it sucks?

Will the church… again… have made a big fuss about a movie that implodes in on it’s own silliness? Often, when Hollywood tackles the issues that are near and dear to their hearts, they implode. Take abortion, for example. The Cider House Rules was perhaps the single most painfully simple and obvious author’s message movie in the past ten years. There is a serious film to be made about the abortion debate, one that shows the torment that women really go through as they make a choice like abortion; one that depicts the impact this issue in people’s lives. Cider house wasn’t it. I was openly guffawing during Delroy Lindo’s big speech about the people who didn’t make the rules never living in the cider house or some horseshit. It was just painfully bad. It was like watching a crap Billy Graham film from the 70s, except that instead of accepting Jesus at the end, you got to have a dangerous back-alley abortion. There are tracts available for both.

All this to say…

I have been resisting DaVinci for awhile. Our interim pastor really wanted to do a series on it. I fought him, protesting that we were just going to be like every other church in Southern California, clamoring to be significant. I suggested a series covering the early church, the selection of the canon, and the rise of Catholicism after Nicea. I suggested not mentioning the movie at all. “People will get it…” I said.


We are doing the series. I have been a good boy. I read the book, finally. I am in the dialog. I am checking my facts, and making my arguments.  He’s been doing well, and there have been several conversations started that are beneficial and healthy.
But I have to confess… if all this comes down and it turns out this movie is just a piece of crap that bombs, and we all have not a lot to talk about come monday morning, I will be amused to no end.

Dear Christians: Jesus Christ said the gates of hell couldn’t and wouldn’t prevail against His church. Don’t you think we could just chill out about the movie that Opie and Forrest made?

Phreaky Phriday: Clash of the Skin-Tite Gospels

Everybody remember our friend Carla Rolfe, from EmergentNo, the one who’s pretty sure that we’re all going to hell because we’re not pre-millenial dispensational, truly reformed inerrantists? Well, apparently, she’s trying to raise some scratch for her fancy web-site thingy, and she’s doing it by selling skin-tight camisoles with the 5 “Solas” emblazoned across the bossomly area. Seriously. Go buy yours today. (Anybody wanna custom one for me that ends with “Sola Hot!”

Picture 1-21

Let it never be said that we younger folks don’t learn at the feet of our elders. Stephanie Woodward at Oh Me of Little Faith has posted the first in her new line of designer jeans for emergents:

I know what somebody’s getting for Mother’s day!

Mapping Religion in the United States

Found this to be fascinating. It maps religious affiliation by region. The data that it’s based on is almost entirely self-disclosed, and I suppose there are probably a high number of people who check “Christian” on the census, but for whom that means “Got dunked when I was born, been to church once or twice since”.


More info, as wells as several maps breaking this data down by denominations, available in the original post.

ht: popurls.com