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New Music Tuesday

For a diversion while we are all waiting patiently for Chad to finish up The Dailies project, I have a little something to share with the Roadhouse… my band has been holed up in a studio for the last 6 months or so (if you count pre-production) working on our latest project. We just finished final mixes on Sunday, and we have the first mastered tunes in-hand (they’re going back of course, not perfect yet). But I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys…

Salient - Dawn Follows Dark

I’m looking forward to getting back on a normal sleep schedule – we did most of the recording between 9pm-3am. There was a night last week that we were working on mixes and I got home as the sun was coming up… I didn’t bother going to bed. I did feel myself falling asleep at work and realized as it was happening there was nothing I could do to stop it. I don’t recommend it… remember – we’re professionals! I’m about 80% done with the album artwork too… the plan was to farm it out but nobody was ecstatic about the preliminary comps so I got elected.

A short sampler of the songs is available at salientband.com. All y’all’s expert feedback is highly anticipated! Come check us out this weekend if you happen to be in Iowa or Wisconsin!

Groupthink: Send the Songs, My People!

sheetmusic back bOK, kids … everybody know what time it is? That’s right, it’s time for you to help Mr. Michael Lee do his work! For free!

Settle down, kids. No, there are no snacks. No, Timmy, I will not cut you in for points on the backend … Timmy, where did you learn about that kind of thing anyway? Oh, your last name is Mottola. Well, that explains a lot, Timmy.

For the rest of you, here’s the assignment. I need you to help Mr. Lee think of songs for his little singing group to perform. Think big guitars, drums, a very cool band, and 6-part vocal harmony tight enough to peel the lipstick off a pig. No, Timmy, I wasn’t making a joke about your daddy’s ex-wife.

So, if you had that kind of group, heading out on the road to perform concerts for medium-size churches, and also doing some stints as a high-school camp worship band, what kind of rep would you throw at them?

Anything. Anything at all. It doesn’t have to already be arranged for that kind of band + vocals, it can be a song that you think could be arranged well for the lineup.

The floor is open. Hit me.