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Underneath the Satellites

Ran across this the other day. It’s a track I completely finished writing the music and producing, but never finished a song to go with it. It was an experiment in tweaking with different keyboards – a rhodes, jupe 8, a few delays, and I think an old EMU sampler makes an appearance.

Anyway, enjoy!

Underneath the Satellites

The Dailies – Day 6 – It Ends

The drums, guitars, pianos, synths, and bass have all been recorded, and been packed back into their cases. It was like packing up old friends. It was truly bittersweet. We took solace in the fact that they were being packed up to make way for the final piece of this little puzzle to be inserted.

The mighty B3. My grandmother gave it to me before she died, and through a set of circumstances too good to pass up, we’ve decided to bring it down here. It’s gonna stay here for awhile, doing what it was built to do. Rob, the studio owner is giving all kinds of TLC, and I am so excited that it will be here.

Chris has rigged it with nine mics. Nine. Two close to capture the stereo effect of the rotating horn. One at the bottom to get the bass speaker. Two room mics. One mono close room mic. The freaky “bullet” mic that’s sat above the drumkit all week. There’s a miniature amp in the closet with a 57 on it for a lofi thing.

It’s huge.

The Leslie cabinet vibrates and gurgles even when the organ is not playing. It’s alive. It breathes and growls. In the mix, it blends and swirls around the electric guitars in a churning dance of distortion and tone.

This is a rock and roll record. No questions… no apologies. It’s an old school rock record, too. It’s the sound of good musicians playing in a good room with the best gear in the world. It’s not quantized. It’s not polite. It’s not pop. It’s rock and roll. I have been listening to the tracks as Mike puts the parts down thinking to myself… “I cannot believe this is our record.”

All week long, we have been referring to this place as “The Cocoon.” It’s an apt description. The outside world has been suspended for six precious days. Phone calls are ignored, children visit grandparents, other duties put on the backburner. The real world will come crashing down upon us monday morning, but not tonight. Tonight we tell the world to spin without us, because it’s not quite time to leave the cocoon. Tonight a mighty B3 is getting it’s first serious workout in fifty years, and it’s a doozy.

Tonight we make art. Tomorrow, or the next day… or maybe about four weeks from now, we share with you all what we have become. The metamorphosis has taken place. Time to check the wingspan.

You better warm up those hard drives, Stickman, because we’re bringing some heat up there.