ChadChad Christian Reisser is a deeply-breathing testament to the triumph of the human spirit. He is a shining example of stunning victory over daunting adversity. He is, or should be, a hero to us all.

After his diagnosis, Chad was tempted to give up his dream of having his own nationally-broadcast radio ministry, but after a long minute in prayer and reflection, Chad knew he must pursue his calling, if only to show others suffering under the burden of this crippling illness that it could be done. If not for his courage and fearless trailblazing, we would probably never have know the joys of award-winning radio like this, or this, or this. Can you imagine? Chad Reisser has broken the old, stifling boundaries and taken us into new frontier. Thank you, Chad. Thank you.

Despite a packed speaking schedule and various philanthropic activities, Chad is still hoping one day to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Jeopardy champion. His ideal categories are:

  • Dodger Blue, God’s Favorite Color
  • Small Cars and the Big Men Who Love Them
  • Growing Up with Focus
  • Dirty Gilbert & Sullivan Lyrical Variations
  • Everybody Loves Chanticleer
  • Film: I Know More Than You, Alex. Really.

You can do it, Chad. We believe in you, and the network censors.

(bio written by Ash)

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16 thoughts on “Chad

  1. Tricia (Merrill) McCorkle

    Hey Chad…cool site. Hung out with Christy Mann and Leanne Seehusen last night and they told me about it. Anyway, I’m really writing to get in touch with your wife. :) Can you email me her email address? I’ve misplaced it. Thanks!!

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  3. Christyl

    Hi Chad,

    Are you by chance the same Chad Reisser that arranged “Be Thou My Vision”? I sang the piece at APU (Azusa Pacific University) a few years back and would like to do the piece with my high school choir students. I’m having trouble finding the piece to purchase it. Thanks for your help.


  4. michael lee

    This the Chad Reisser who fails to hang on to anything he’s ever written. I’ve tried to get that arrangement from him many times, many many times. Good luck!

  5. Sharolyn

    I am home, so just looked in my binders. ‘Haven’t found it, but did find “Not the I But the You in Me,” Mike’s “Happy Song”, and the invitation to Chad’s 1997 Superbowl Party.

  6. Chad Post author


    Christyl – I am he. Email me at and we can figure something out.

    Sadly, Michael is correct. I don’t have the arrangement… well, actually I do, but it’s the handwritten one that I did as a theory project. We can get it from APU.


  7. corey

    Sharolyn, I need to cash a check that a client made out to my business instead of my name. By any chance, do you have a copy of my DBA paperwork? BofA needs it for verification.

  8. Sharolyn

    Ah, yes, here it is in my notes: “Be Thou My Vision: Play middle D and watch all the men try to be tenors…”

  9. Leonard

    I know we never met before, but Sharolyn, do you have a copy of this weeks sermon. I am looking for it.

  10. june

    And I need my son’s second grade class list with all the email addresses and phone numbers. Thanks Shar!

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