ashBryan “Ash” Ashmore has an invisible sign that floats perpetually over his head. If you are lonely, depressed, insecure, or socially awkward, you have seen this sign. If you are drunk off your head and longing to tell someone the idea you just had for a rockabilly-rapcore crossover hit about smoking pot, you have seen this sign. And if you are a bosomy forty-five year old cougar wearing gold lamé stretch pants and smoking Virginia Slims Ultras and your boyfriend is hitting on that little home-wrecking slut up at the bar and you just want to feel pretty, you have definitely seen this sign.

The invisible sign says, “I actually care.”

Ash is also the greatest rock star you’ve never heard…but you will.

He likes piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, making love at midnight in the dunes of the cape…and his ideal Jeopardy categories are:

(bio written by Aly)

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8 thoughts on “Ash

  1. aly hawkins

    In our wedding vows, I talked about Ash’s incredible compassion for those who are least and last…yes, I love his passionate and from-the-gut singing; yes, I love his incomparable brand of wacky humor…but his “I actually care” sign is the one thing that makes me the most blessed-est wife in the world.


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  3. Trevor Carpenter

    Bryan…I’m commenting because it just ain’t right to have only your wife comment on your bio. I know all about the “I actually care” sign. I’m one of those guys that talks too much, and looses friends quickly because of it. Bryan has always been the kind of guy that never makes you feel uninteresting.

  4. june

    Ash, (Funny, your name is Bryan, like my Brian, and yet you are known by the name of an inert organic substance, as is my Brian: aka, Stick. Okay, maybe only funny to me.) Anyway…I clicked on some post from “Three from the archives” and somewhere in it was a link to your blog and somewhere there I saw a link to a Bruce Cockburn site…and I just have to say, I was introduced to BC’s music in college and became a HUGE fan. I decided I would never try hard at songwriting after I heard “All the Diamonds in this World” becuase to me, that is The Perfect Song. When our oldest was a baby, the only music that would make him stop crying (and it did…on a dime. It was almost creepy) was one of BC’s instrumental pieces.

    So, not only do you care, make people feel interesting, and go by a moniker similar to my own beloved’s, you like Bruce! I think yer swell.

  5. Gretchen

    Bryan, I was totally thinking about you and Aly tonight as I was listening to Sting sing “Fields of Gold”. You’re pretty awesome.

  6. Francis Barton

    Hey Trevor, that link you posted (I guess it was a joke) – that church is just up the road from me. Weird coincidence. Some v good friends of mine are the youth leaders at that church (Prestbury)

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