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Colour Lovers

Many of us Addison Roadies work in the creative fields. Whether our pursuits are graphic design, filmmaking, or music, quite a few of our loyal readers and contributors pay ‘da billz by making something. Personally, I am a film/video editor and camera operator, and I have a pretty huge handicap when it comes to graphic design…I’m more than 50% colorblind. That doesn’t mean I race through red lights at intersections, (of which the Red/Yellow/Green are arranged in a consistent manner for freaks like me, in case you were wondering) since I have a relatively good grasp of what color I’m looking at. If you pointed at a color, and asked me to identify it, I’m correct about 65% of the time. It’s the more subtle palate that presents the biggest obstacle.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found Colour Lovers. (Which should not be confused with this site) Colour Lovers is a community-based website that studies and monitors trends in color, from advertising and branding to product design. There are tons of great color palates to view, compare, and contrast. And it doesn’t just stop at colors, either. You can evaluate textures, patterns, and how color palates are used in the real world. Looking for a palate to produce a new website? Want to simply be inspired for your next layout? Check out the site. It’s pretty impressive.

Another color-based site to check out, is Adobe’s new Kuler. Yesterday, TUAW reported on the new Kuler site, and the comments were mostly of the “That’s a rip-off of” variety. While Kuler offers some very similar functionality, I really prefer Colour Lovers – it’s community-based, and they offer free downloadable versions of almost every color palate imaginable, in various formats – Photoshop, Illustrator, CS Stylesheets, etc. Some favorites….

Gravatar Site Images

So, what’s with all the ghost images wandering around the site? You’ve probably noticed them in the comments. They look like this:


They’re called gravatars, and you can set one up here. Here’s how it works: you plug in your email, and you upload a picture, and then every time you make a comment, the site will automagically insert your gravatar next to your comment.

Now, people can tell at a glance that the 18 paragraph thesis relating Cézanne’s conception of the human form in art to Foucault’s sign-object deconstruction was written by Stick, and not by Leoskeo. (Well, aside from the fact that Leoskeo thinks Cézanne’s work is symptomatic of the larger changes in representational art, and tooootally overblown in terms of its real significance, so he would never write that comment, obviously).

So, dear reader, what does this mean to you? If you’re a commenter, and you want your picture (or a picture) to show up next to your comments, just go to the Gravatar site and sign up. It’s run by the same people who write WordPress – good people, good company, no privacy concerns about giving them your email.

Then, every time you leave a comment using that same email address that you signed up with, your photo gets dropped in.

If you are an author for this site, please go sign up for a Gravatar. The next incarnation of our site design will be using Gravatars as author images next to the posts, so if you don’t want the anonymous ghost image showing up, you’ll need to setup a Gravatar image. Please make sure you sign up for it using the same email address that you used when you registered here at Addison Road.

Pictures! Color! Happiness and Joy! Mmmmm, delicious!

New Server

Well, we made the switch. The blog is now hosted on a new server, one that stays up and stays fast. Sorry about the reversion to Website Design Basic 101. It’ll get pretty again in a hurry. I had to upgrade our version of WordPress to plug some major security holes, and the upgrades broke our old theme. For the time being, I picked safety over pretty.

Thanks to Slicehost for providing superfast servers for hobby nerds everywhere.

Thanks to Dreamhost for just barely providing enough uptime for me to transfer the files away from their servers to our new home.

Tom Cruise, Scientologist

If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to go watch these clips. They are from a recent Scientology awards ceremony at which Tom Cruise was the honoree. They are … wow. Just watch, and then comment.

Link 1

Link 2

This is going to be an interesting case if it evolves. Scientologists have always used legal pressure to keep embarrassing materials out of the public eye. These videos were uploaded to youtube and google video first, and then removed after threat of lawsuit. Gawker Media, who owns both and, where the clips are now being hosted, has stated their intent to leave the clips up, claiming that they are newsworthy, and therefore their right to distribute them is protected speech.

macheist ’08

Macheist is up!


If you’re a mac user, and you don’t know, then you SHOULD know! Macheist is a bundle of software from independent mac software developers (what does that mean, exactly? they haven’t signed with a major label? they do lo-fi development? their apps haven’t yet received radio airplay?). The more people who buy the bundle, the more apps get unlocked. This is some high-quality gear, and for $49 it’s tough to pass up.

Do me a favor, if you decide to do do it, use my referral link:

Who’s in? What’s your favorite in the bunch? Which one looks most interesting?


We’re under a massive spam attack right now. There have been about 600 spam comments lobbed at this blog since 4AM this morning. They come in floods, 30 or so in about a minute. They’re trying to overwhelm the spam filters, I think. It’s making it difficult to post or comment, because the database has to handle huge chunks of data moving in and out, and the spam filter slows that down quite a bit. It’s not a problem when one or two people are commenting at once, but it is a problem when a spam-bot tries to cram 30 at once down the pipe.

All that to say … I hate spam. I hate that it, apparently, works. I hate that a few nefarious cretins have destroyed email as a useful communications tool, and are now trying to destroy blogging as well.

What I like, however, is akismet. It was built by the same people who designed WordPress (the software that runs Addison Road), and it just plain works at preventing spammy comments. How well? Since I installed it, there have been 200,689 offers for home mortgages and penis pills that none of you got the chance to mock (or click through on, bobby).

NBC Dumps iTunes

Booooo! Boooooooooo!

NBC has decided that their new strategy for making money off of their content will be to remove it from the most popular, low-operational-cost, and globally effective distribution network ever built. Yup, according to the New York Times, NBC is pulling its content from the iTunes music store.

NBC on iTunes
This is just an awful idea. I think I’m a pretty typical customer of iTunes content – I’ll buy maybe one or two albums a month, and a few TV episodes a month. Check out the photo I’ve linked to the iTunes NBC page – it lists their 4 most popular shows. Here are the ways iTunes has enhanced my consumer relationship with NBC, and why NBC’s choice to pull their content is an awful idea.

The Office

Discovered it on the BBC, love the NBC version even more, but I’m not home to watch it when it’s regularly scheduled. Instead, I grab episodes online. I only follow one or two shows this way, so it’s cheaper than getting a TIVO.


I followed this show on TV, but would occasionally miss an episode. How to get them? iTunes, of course! I jumped online and downloaded the episode the day after it aired.


I liked this show when it first came out, and then it got … what’s the word … stupid. I don’t follow the show at all anymore, but I wanted to watch some of the early episodes again. Rather than waiting for them to roll around on the syndication schedule, I jumped online and got them from iTunes.

30 Rock

This is the real tragedy of NBC’s choice. This show is probably the best new show they’ve developed in the last, let’s say, 39 years. How did I discover this show? They gave away an episode as a free download on iTunes. I downloaded it, loved it, am now a fan. Now, when I happen to be flipping channels and see it on TV, I stop flipping and watch the show. They earned a viewer for their broadcast network because of their use of alternate distribution channels.

Bad Business

The NYTimes article gives one real reason for the decision. Allow me to interpret:

The decision by NBC Universal highlights the escalating tension between Apple and media companies, which are unhappy that Apple will not give them more control over the pricing of songs and videos that are sold on iTunes.

NBC … wants Apple to allow it to bundle videos to increase revenue, the person familiar with the matter said.


Remember back when we made you buy an entire CD, with one great song and 12 filler pieces of crap? Oh man, we made so much money with that. Wasn’t that awesome? We think Apple should let us do the same thing with videos! Less consumer choice means more freedom for everyone! And by freedom, I mean money! And by everyone, I mean us!

Apple has shown, by virtue of their success in promoting music, that increasing the choices for consumers is a stronger model for building a distribution channel. People return to points of commerce where they feel empowered and valued. iTunes does that with it’s pricing and non-bundled policies. NBC, apparently, can’t understand that.

The Real Threat

I’m having a really hard time believing that the NBC executives are taking such a short-term view of their relationship with iTunes. The article states that they are limiting their distribution with iTunes out of concern for piracy. They should be concerned about piracy, but not for the reasons they give.

What they seem to not realize is that iTunes is not in competition with, or any other silo solution. The only real competition for iTunes media content is illegal downloads.

This is the brilliance of the iTunes price point, and the reason it has seen such explosive growth: $1.99 per show is exactly the point at which it becomes an easier choice to buy a show from iTunes than to go through the hassle of finding a torrent, loading it into a bit torrent client, waiting for it to download, hoping it’s high quality, and then sitting huddled in the dark hoping the RIAA doesn’t drop a lawsuit on your butt.

If NBC takes away the $1.99 iTunes option, people will not flock back to broadcast TV, they will not go hunt down the show at, they will simply download it illegally, for free.

Check out how much of my value as a consumer NBC loses by ending their relationship with iTunes:

  1. The Office: This isn’t a time-sensitive show, so if I can’t get it through iTunes, I’ll wait and download the entire season at The Pirate Bay.
  2. Heroes: If I miss a single episode, I can pop over to isohunt and track it down. Again, the competition for the $1.99 iTunes Media Store is the Free Illegal Downloads Store.
  3. Scrubs: This was always a whim. If I don’t have easy access to previous episodes, I just won’t bother. The alternative to NBC selling me a show for $1.99 is … me doing nothing. Easy.
  4. 30 Rock: if NBC severs ties with iTunes, I don’t even find this show. I never watch a single episode. When it comes on broadcast TV and I’m flipping channels, I flip right past. NBC loses both an online purchaser and a broadcast viewer.

This is an awful, awful business move for NBC. They are alienating themselves from a whole population of potential consumers.

UPDATED: Nov. 25th
Welcome to everyone who has been dropping by from StumbleUpon. Please take a second to check out what we’re doing with Operation Christmas Goat. Turn your holiday shopping into real change for needy families in developing countries.

Podcast Readings

I’m taking off for about 3 weeks on Sunday, and I’m down to just a few days of readings in reserve for The Bible Podcast. Anybody have an extra 15 minutes sometime today or tomorrow to help me out by reading a chapter? I’d love to get back up to 20 chapter readings in the buffer, and I think we can do that over the next two days if some of you can help me out.

Here’s what you need to have:

  1. A decent microphone. It doesn’t need to be a $5,000 vintage tube mic, in fact even a borrowed SM58 works fine if you stay a few inches away from it. I’m just trying to avoid people using their internal laptop mic.
  2. A relatively quiet spot to record. Your living room or bedroom is probably fine, unless they’re ripping up the concrete on your front sidewalk.
  3. A reasonably pleasant speaking voice. Non-American accents are a huge plus!
  4. An internet connection. Well, duh. You’re reading this somehow, right?

If you can help out, please drop me an email, put “bible podcast” in the subject line, and let me know. I’ll reply with a chapter for you to read, and a link to the text of the New English Translation online for you to read from. Read the chapter, bounce it to mp3, and email it back.

Easy as pie!