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Friday GameDay! The Winningest Photo International Version

It’s Friday! If ever there was a day to devote to tomfoolery and such, it’s today. Following up on the wild success of our last “The Winningest Photo” contest, I present to you the new and improved International version of The Winningest Photo.

The rules are simple. This photo is so awesome, it must have won some sort of photo contest. Name that contest.

New rule added this time, PC has to run all entries past his wife before hitting “submit”. The people have spoken.

Phreaky Phriday: Where creative juices come from…

I was going to dedicate this post to the one or two or four creative people on the Addison Road gang. Problem is, it seems, that there are more than two or four or even seven creative people on this site.

My list kept getting longer, and I kept thinking of new people to add…

So…this one’s for all of the creative types — you know who you are.

Phreaky Phriday: Happy 4th Of July!

We all know it’s fun to do bad things.  Just don’t blow your mannequin’s head off this Independence Day. Keep your mannequin’s safe! Think about the mannequins! THE MANNEQUIN’S!!!!

Video courtesy of the Consumer Products Safety Commission, who’s motto is obviously, “Keeping Mannequin’s Safe From Fireworks Since 1985″.

PS: “Baby Dolls with Sparklers” is a fantastic band name.  

PSS: Mannequins…


Phreaky Phriday: “It’s fun to do bad things”

Totalled 2006 Dodge Durango: $22,500

Punishment: A whole weekend without videogames

Doing hood-rat stuff with your friends: Priceless

Today, let’s take a moment to remember little Latarian Milton. A 7-year old boy with more poise and focus than most of us can muster. It’s friday, Roadies – go out there and make the most of it.

google suggest

Google has a “suggest” feature that lets you type a few words, and see what the most common google searches are that begin with those words. Here’s is a huge screen capture of whole bunch of common sentence beginnings, and how your fellow human beings use the Googlemonster. Enjoy!

(clicky for biggy)

Google Suggest