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Hooty McDeal: More Free Music from Amazon


Last week, I told you all about the 99 free songs from Amazon.  I have to apologize, as every single one of those songs is complete garbage. Seriously. I almost blew my brains out.  But now…

Amazon has a host of free “Label Sampler” downloads. Basically, a bunch of indie record labels released compilations of their respective artists. They’re offering 10 full albums/compilations for free, you don’t need to sign up for spam, either!  Check ‘em out here.  I have no idea if and/or when these expire, so get at ‘em, won’t you?

At the very least, download the sampler with the Flight of The Conchords and Iron and Wine songs, put together by Amazon. It’s got some really good music on it, including a track from Fleet Foxes, my new favorite band. and it costs none dollars and zero cents.

Don’t say I never gave you nuthin.