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Phreaky Phriday: Where creative juices come from…

I was going to dedicate this post to the one or two or four creative people on the Addison Road gang. Problem is, it seems, that there are more than two or four or even seven creative people on this site.

My list kept getting longer, and I kept thinking of new people to add…

So…this one’s for all of the creative types — you know who you are.

Come on baby…

Hey Roadies…

So, here’s the scoop:

My beautiful wife of 8.4 years and I have spoken a couple of times on “Date Nights” for local groups. The basic gist is the importance of romancing your significant other, as well as creative ways to do so, long after the proverbial “honeymoon” is over.

I’ll post again next week, and tell a bit more of what Rona and I actually talk about, but I was hoping you guys can give us a hand for our next speaking engagement. With complete understanding of the can of worms I’m about to open (given the high average intelligence and the low average maturity of the Addison crew), I pose the following question:

How do you continue to light the fire in your significant other?



Help raise money by watching the Dodgers!!!

Hey gang –

My usual post is one that links to a particularily funny or obscure video. I do this because it is my defense mechanism to make particularily funny or obscure comments or actions when I feel intimidated by the intellectual superiority of those around me. Because I spent a lot of time in college hanging out with the likes of Chad, Michael Lee, and Aly, I also spent many a nights participating in dialogues that went something like this:

Mike (sipping his Tequila): The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never made up their minds to be either good or evil.

Aly (delicately puffing on a clove cigarette): Although the world is full of suffering, it is full of the overcoming of it.

Matt (making armpit farts): So this blonde walks into a library…

…and so on ad nauseum. So I sit in the sidelines here at the Roadhouse and show my face only to post on the funny and obscure.

This is not one of those posts.

I have the pleasure of working with a guy named Ruben. He’s a great guy with a great heart. One of his closest friends, Manny Bernal, recently passed away due to complications from cancer. Manny’s sister and Ruben have put together a fund in Manny’s honor that awards a scholarship to a designated senior on Manny’s former high school baseball team.

Ruben has purchased a bunch of seats to Sunday’s Dodgers/Reds game and is selling them to raise money for the scholarship fund. If you’re gonna be in Los Angeles and want to hit the game, or if you just feel like you want to help out the fund with a little cash, check out the flyer and give Ruben a call.

Thanks guys. I promise I’ll post some funny stuff on Friday.

Addison Road Video Podcast: Matty’s Demo

So…here’s the story.

I worked for a mega-church from the day I got back from my honeymoon until last July (that’s 6-and-one-half years). Since then, I’ve been trying to run my production company, Doulos Multimedia (author’s note…ordinarily I’d tag the “Doulos Multimedia” with a link to my website, but it hasn’t been created yet). FYI — Doulos is pronounced DOO-lohs — it’s Greek for “servant”.

When people ask what I do, I usually answer with “Motion graphics for film and TV.”

“What the heck does that mean?”

“Funny you should ask. It means I create graphics that move (hence the ‘motion’) and edit videos for TV shows to promote quacks like this guy, documentaries about convicted former CEOs, and a slew of work for corporate training videos and events.”

When working for Calvary Community, I showcased my work in front of about 6000 people each weekend, so I got a lot of work from people saying, “Who did that baptism video? I need one just like it.” The word-of-mouth thing kept me riding pretty high on the hog (compared to church salaries) until two weeks ago, when I returned from two weeks of vacation — something about nobody doing the work that I could be doing while, instead, I’m tanning on a beach in Maui.

Suddenly, for the first time since I left the church, I’m on the offensive. So…the website is finally getting worked on. Phone calls are being made. And my demo finally got finished.

Cue Rod Serling: “Submitted for your approval: A short montage encapsulating the body of work done by Matty, a struggling artist. If done right, his children might eat this week. Done wrong, he may have to go out into the real world and find out what a music degree from Azusa Pacific is really for.”

I’m not really panhandling here. Just looking for some input from the creative community I have come to know and love as Addison. Feel free to chime in with suggestions, critiques, and dirty limericks.

You can check it out here.

Mike, feel free to edit the post at will. Aly, feel free to edit my grammar.