Ender’s Game – Thesis Project

So, my Masters of Music thesis project is in full swing, and I thought I’d cross-post some of it here. I’m taking 4 books that haven’t been turned into films, and writing scores that would fit if they ever were turned into films.

The first book up is Ender’s Game, one of my all-time favorites. You can check out the work so far here:

Ender’s Game Thesis Project

2 thoughts on “Ender’s Game – Thesis Project

  1. sharolyn

    Mike, congratulations on a job well done.

    This is the piano at your house, yes? How did you create the beginning of Cue 2? The ending of Cue 2 is also intriguing, when the “piano” (?) crescendos, since by nature a piano note cannot crescendo.

    Not to compare you, you are unique, but I mean it as a compliment that I think Dave Grusin would really dig this.

  2. michael Post author

    Thanks, Sharolyn. The “falling” piano is a Lood Prepared Piano sample, with descending lines being sent into a guitar delay pedal.

    The crescendo piano at the end is a little gimmick that is quite useful! I hit a chord, let it decay, then copy the sound over to a new track and reverse it. The crescendo is the sound of the natural piano decay backward.

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