Anthony Griffith: Best of Times, Worst of Times

I listen to a podcast on iTunes called “The Moth“, where people tell true stories to live audiences. It’s powerful, funny, very raw, and sometimes just incredible.

This morning as I was driving to work, I heard what has to be the most overwhelming 10 minutes of storytelling ever delivered. I was sobbing by the time I got here, and had to stay in the car in silence for about 20 minutes just pulling myself together.

It’s the story of Anthony working as a comic, performing on the Tonight Show, while his young daughter is dying of cancer. I think you should listen, but you should prepare yourself before you do.

Anthony Griffith: Best of Times, Worst of Times
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2 thoughts on “Anthony Griffith: Best of Times, Worst of Times

  1. sharolyn

    Props to Anthony Griffith, who I had not heard of before. Wow.

    Cancer will shift your priorities in a millisecond. Two members of my immediate family are survivors (my dad – lung cancer, my sister-in-law – kidney cancer). There become two categories: “important” (this is a very small list) and “no longer important”. Cancer has caused some of my family members to behave in ways they never would have before diagnosis.

    This year a boy in my son’s pre-school class has been battling a brain tumor. He was just like my James. One day his mom became alarmed that one of his eyes had crossed, and didn’t go back. This was his first symptom. We have prayed for him every day since. As removed as he is from my daily life, I would say this child has once again re-focused my priorities. I confess that after we bought our house, I’d spend much of my idle time thinking about how to bump out the kitchen, what it would look like, how we could finance it, etc. This past year I feel like I have really let that go. I hold my healthy kids in my arms, play with them outside, play duets with my daughter, and think, “This is it. Abundance.” I well up with gratitude that I can work, doing what I love, at their school, and that their world is my world, too. Things like this are priceless. The kitchen appliances will eventually be replaced. I’m not so much worried about that. As a family, we are already living our dream, and this is such a reminder to never take health for granted. Thanks for posting.

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