It’s Friday, Friday

So, a few weeks ago, ARK music productions unleashed what is, unarguably, the worst pop song ever inflicted upon a listening public. That song is called “Friday”. It has been watched by 34 million people. 34 million.

What I offer here is a bit of musical sorbet, a palate cleanser if you will, to remove the fetid taste of bubblegum ice cream from your mouth. Here are the days of the week, as they deserve to be songified.








The Days of the Week

14 thoughts on “It’s Friday, Friday

  1. sharolyn

    God bless you. Palate cleansed.

    I was expecting “Saturday In The Park”, and yet the Cat Stevens is was a nice surprise.

    I’ve actually pondered the use of calendar time in lyrics, mainly because James Taylor has songs entitled “Valentine’s Day”, “September Grass”, and “October Road”. Is there a benefit in being this specific?

    (He also has Walking Man, Frozen Man, and Handy Man… as well as specific locations such as Carolina, Mexico, and Belfast to Boston… but now I’m getting to a pretty distant topic from your original post.)

  2. michael Post author

    I think it is a useful device, to name months or places or days of the week. It taps into our latent identification of those places.

    On the David Bowie song, Thursday is the perfect metaphor for feeling stretched out, past the start but not at the end, middle life feeling.

  3. michael Post author

    “Partying, Partying,’” she sings again, now in detached self-narration.

    “Yeah!” reply her friends, and then the sequence is repeated to evoke the grand progenitor of all American music, the call and response of a Negro spiritual, harkening back to our nation’s great unhealing wound, slavery itself.

    Are these not slaves of a kind? Are they not trapped here? Is consumerism not just another form of forced labor? In an age of harvested data and biological determinism there is no will and so no freedom of it—only constant manipulation of the pleasure principle, the bleary throbbing of overtaxed dopamine centers.

    Read the rest here. It’s … awesome.

  4. sharolyn

    Public service announcement: In case you don’t make it to 1:24 of the acoustic version, she forgets the words. Oh, how I love to hate this song.

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