For those of you who missed the 2010 New Music Concert at APU (and heavens, what else could you possibly have been doing that’s more important than driving 7 hours to hear a 6 minute piece I wrote?), here is the recording of the piece I wrote. You’ll have to excuse the quality of the recording, especially when the speech comes in.

by Michael A. Lee

And for those who want to totally geek out, here’s the score.
Boudicca – Score (this doesn’t include pencil edits made in the final rehearsal)

7 thoughts on “Boudicca

  1. michael Post author

    I’ve been listening to is a lot – I’m really bummed that they fell apart on the middle section, and the timing is just horrible. That said, I really like the first half. I wish we had more than 15 minutes (literally!) or rehearsal on the piece.

  2. michael Post author

    I cheated just a little bit. I did a little editing and dropped some percussion samples in under the awful middle section to give some consistency before uploading it to my site here.

  3. Eric Haas

    Cool. Nice writing. [Geeking out here] – kind of anachronistic to quote a 13th century Latin hymn re: 1st century Britain, ain’t it?

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