Faculty Awards, Round 2

Remember this, from last year?

I got nominated again this year. It’s for the “THE TEACHING EXCELLENCE AND CAMPUS LEADERSHIP AWARD”. There are 5 faculty members nominated each year.

Cross your fingers. If I win, we’ll throw a shindig at the Lee joint to celebrate and blow through that cash prize.

11 thoughts on “Faculty Awards, Round 2

  1. michael Post author

    I win that every year. I’m just too embarrassed to post it because they you’ll, like, want me to pay for the painting and stuff.

  2. michael Post author

    So, yesterday I set it up so that everything I post here gets pulled into Facebook as a note. Then today, forgetting that I had done that, I posted this. Now I’m the braggy ass who posts notes about how awesome he is on facebook.

    I mean, I’m fine being that guy here with usteded, you all know me, but there I’m trying to maintain some kind of image.

  3. jc

    Michael: Can I take your course on-line so I can experience your greatness personally??? Congratulations. Obviously someone there is actually paying attention and observing what we know to be true…you take your work seriously and put your heart and soul into it.

  4. michael Post author

    You wouldn’t understand. It’s something the kids use to tweeter their youtubes to Netscape buddies.

  5. michael Post author

    Nope – only my posts are pulled in as my facebook notes. I can show you how to pull yours in too, if you want, but they aren’t imported in now.

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