Client Management

How do you get your creative work to the client when you’re working on a project? Email? iDisk? FTP server?

Most of the time, I hand off to a client via a webpage, where I can jot down some text and link large files for them to download or preview in their browser. For a few years, I’ve been building each page for each client individually.

After messing around with several different options, I finally decided that what I needed was a WordPress website, where each client project was a single post, and could only be accessed by linking directly to that URL (in other words, no “Front Page” to the site listing recent posts). You can check out one of the recent projects that uses this method here:

I think too many people ignore clean client hand-offs. It matters whether or not they feel like their are being handled professionally. If the data gets to them in a sloppy or inefficient way, it’s like cooking a 5-star gourmet meal and serving it in a paper back with a spork.

So, that’s my thought. How do you guys (folks, fools, ustedes) handle it?

5 thoughts on “Client Management

  1. Daniel Semsen

    I’ll often upload a zipped file to my iDisk containing all the files for a client, then email them a download link sent from my iDisk app on my iPhone. It’s one link to download all the files they need, and I can include a message in the email sent from my phone. It’s pretty cool…but your idea might be cooler.

    I’ve also used yousendit a little bit lately…it seems to upload faster then iDisk.

  2. michael Post author

    I guess I should say this works great for projects where I am delivering to a performance ensemble (like a choir), where it saves the director that extra set of figuring out how to get the files distributed to everyone. For one-to-one delivery, it’s probably overkill.

    This method has the added benefit of tracking stats on how many people visited the page and downloaded the files.

  3. michael Post author

    OH! Almost forgot.

    The built in RSS feed generator in WordPress means I can give them a one-click button to download all of the files into iTunes as a podcast. VERY useful!

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