Book of Eli

What we do, part 2.

This was done by a freshman. He stripped the existing music from the film trailer for “Book of Eli” and rewrote his own score. I’ll say it again. This his first year, first time he’s ever taken a music class. He came to APU on a football scholarship, took music fundamentals last semester and found out he was pretty good at this stuff, and then 3 months later, this.

7 thoughts on “Book of Eli

  1. Jeremy

    Holy Crap….

    APU has a football team?

    Seriously tho…this guy is good. Its a cool thing to see a person realize a potential they never knew they had.

  2. Stick

    Wow. This is why I wish I had an “operation”. It’d be great to be able to hire kids like this and get them started in the biz.

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