April 28, New Music Concert. I’ve been …

April 28, New Music Concert. I’ve been writing like a mad fool, and the piece I’ve been working on is going to premiere a week from Wednesday, on April 28th at APU. The event is on facebook, if you want more details. You should come. It’s going to be epic.

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  1. michael Post author

    It was equal parts awesome and frustrating. The orchestra was absolutely fantastic during the final run-through. It was amazing. Then, during the performance, the conductor got lost during the 7/8 section, the brass didn’t get their cue, and so they just didn’t play during the middle part of the piece. That’s the part where the brass provide the main thematic material, so what we heard for 20 bars were little string and woodwind fills that were meant to color up the brass line, but no brass. GRRRRHHHH.

    Any people wonder why we use samples instead of players!

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