Our church IT guy (and bass player extra…

Our church IT guy (and bass player extraordinaire) just started a social network for scheduling church musicians. Apparently we will get an e-mail asking us to play a certain week of rehearsal and services. We click “accept” or “decline”, and he goes from there. Makes sense to me! I bet it will save a lot of administration time. We’ll see.

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  1. Michael Cathey

    I use http://www.planningcenteronline.com, and it is seriously the most useful tool I have ever used. It is well-priced, and their customer service is exceptional. Plus, Aaron Stewart helped to create it, so you’re helping an APU alum at the same time. All the “biggies” use it – Saddleback, Northpoint, Newspring, Central Christian, Chapin Baptist… ;-)

  2. Stick

    Yeah, we use PlanningCenterOnline.com for exactly this. It works ridiculously well. Add charts and audio to the song lists, link to my iCal calendar for rehearsal and service schedules, yada yada yada.

  3. michael

    When I looked at Planning Center, it seemed really expensive for what it offered, and the storage space was very limited. Can you really keep 200+ songs, with mp3s, charts, etc., loaded in their database to distribute with one click?

  4. Stick

    I don’t know what it costs… I never got the impression space was an issue. But, maybe we’re not keeping mp3s in storage all the time. We may be just uploading them for the week we need them.

  5. michael

    It’s $100/month to store 15GB on there. We have about that much content that we keep current (mp3s, charts, tracks, etc.)

  6. Anthony Prince

    what I LOVE most about planning center is that we can use it to schedule our children’s ministry leaders (we have about 100 who run our weekend programs) and I can track where a service is LIVE from my phone. I can give our small group leaders and nursery team a legit 5 minute warning before our services get out and parents make the mad dash to check their kids out of our programs.
    Also, as the drummer for our Saturday night service, I love how easy it is to check out the set list and download mp3s to my iPod for the week.

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