So, on Wednesday I’m flying to Tucson t…

So, on Wednesday I’m flying to Tucson to conduct “Our Father, Vindicate” in front of the annual convention of the American Choral Directors Association. I am … crapping bricks. As I said to the guys in the choir, “Why couldn’t be the annual ‘People Who Rock Out on B3′ convention?”

14 thoughts on “So, on Wednesday I’m flying to Tucson t…

  1. sharolyn

    Whatever! It will be an absolute hit. The talk of the convention. The people who rock out on B3 can’t be bothered by a convention. Waaay too many details.

  2. michael Post author

    Had an amazing rehearsal with the guys tonight. Probably the most productive 45 minutes of rehearsal I’ve ever experienced. They were focused, I was well-prepared, and everything we went in to change, actually changed!

    Great to go into this thing with a strong rehearsal.

  3. michael Post author

    It’s the actual conducting that worries me the most. Did you know that those flippity flappity hand movements actually MEAN something?

  4. Michael Lee

    It was beyond words. The guys were so full of intensity and passion, and they nailed it, even the most difficult parts. I love these guys.

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