9 thoughts on “Carrot Clarinet.

  1. Gretchen Lee

    that was truly impressive. I like how his pinky is still looking for certain fingerings that aren’t physically there. I dig the arrangement too. Only you Sharolyn. This is becoming one of your assignments, yes?

  2. sharolyn

    Perhaps an assignment for myself, but I am less graceful than this man in the first thirty seconds and would likely drill off a section of my finger. This truly demonstrates how the vibration of the reed creates the sound, and nothing else. The rest is just making the air travel and longer or shorter distance. Thank you. You are now ready for the third grade music test. :)

  3. michael

    Okay, that’s awesome. It reminds me of Chad’s favorite John Lennon misquote from the movie Departed:

    “John Lennon said, ‘I’m an artist. Ya gimme a f**k’ng tuba, I’ll get ya something out of it.’”

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