30/30 Logic Challenge

You ready?

  1. You must start with a blank Logic file – no templates
  2. You can only use internal Logic sound, no external sample libraries
  3. You get 30 minutes from launch to bounce
  4. The final project folder has to be less than 30 MB.

Post it here or wherever you can, then drop a link.

THE 30/30 Logic Challenge is ON!

Here’s my first entry:


Here’s the logic project file. Enjoy!

Click Clack (zip file)

9 thoughts on “30/30 Logic Challenge

  1. Brian Steckler

    Why the 30 MB limit? Is that all the samples we’d use, or recorded audio? If the Logic samples are “included” what’s in your project file, just the bounce, or is that not included either?

  2. michael Post author

    I needed another “30″ to make the catchy title work.

    The 30 MB is for recorded audio. Samples don’t count, use as many as you want.

  3. Zack

    Are we to judge these on their musical quality, technical merit, or what?

    If there’s an award for “Most-Likely-To-Inspire-Pornography”, I feel Stick should win it, hands-down.

    And Mike is a shoe-in for the “What-You’d-Probably-Hear-If-You-Stepped-Into-An-Airlock” award.

  4. michael Post author

    We are judging them on the basis of how awesome they are. Duh.

    Actually, this is all just a ruse to learn some new awesome go-to Logic tricks that other people use when they have no time and have to deliver something cool. My go-to is the sine wave mono line trick and the piano rip. I’m looking to expand my vocabulary.

  5. JLord

    Here’s my entry. A note so it can be better appreciated: The true beauty is in the logic file. The fade out is an aleatoric synth solo. Yes, aleatoric. I got the software to improvise. And every time you play back the Logic file, it will improvise something different.

    For us college students who don’t have their website up and running yet…

    And the Logic file:

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