14 thoughts on “Our Father, Performed

  1. Brian Steckler


    I was going to make some snarky comment like “yeah, that’s pretty good if you’re into that kind of thing,” but that performance was way too good for that.

    Great job to the guys who sang. That little ditty was no small feat to pull off. And congrats to you Mike. Very cool writing, text and music. I had chills at a few points… some killer chords in there. I’d love to have heard it in the room.

    I’m assuming this audio was off the camera? It was pretty good, but I bet those mics up above sound better. And what’s the deal with the dude right in front of the camera recording it with a point and shoot? Heh.

    Regardless, thanks for putting it up. It’s some much needed inspiration for a piece I need to write for the spring concert season.

  2. Zack

    This audio was from the room mics you can see in the shot – mixed to a stereo pair from the dude who was running the board.

  3. Gretchen Lee

    I liked watching the audience listen to the piece. When the basses come in, you can see every one turn to see who is the deep booming (ringer! ;) bass nailing it. Sam, the student who does the last “deliver us” is still my favorite. I was really impressed by these guys. Not an easy task.

  4. Chad

    I’m late to this party, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this. What a great piece. I mean… it’s no Be Thou My Vision, or nothing, but it’s pretty good and all.

  5. Daniel Semsen

    Chad–that song was written for an ELITE group of 6 specific voices.


    OK-for real though Mike, that was pretty freakin awesome–all of it. The writing, the concept, the performance. Incredible music-making like not many on this planet get to witness, much less experience as observer OR performer. Very nice, man.

  6. sharolyn

    Mike, I am so proud of this piece and to call you my friend.

    It is as if you have arrived, unexpectedly, at some place prepared especially for you, and have found yourself likewise prepared for it. :)

    Gretchen, like you, I am diggin’ Sam. So many great moments to choose from.

  7. Pi

    Choral pieces rarely make me cry, but this was too amazing. Every time I read through the music I find some musical nuance that makes me re-evaluate the entire passage. In so many ways, I love this piece. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. It is a highlight of my, albeit short, musical career.

  8. michael Post author

    Pi, I’m half tempted to tell you that the whole thing is a chiastic anagram on the Greek word διεκδικώ, just to see the insane analysis you would do to find it.

    Thanks for being part of it. I’m still coming to grips with what it was.

  9. sharolyn

    1) I love love love how long it takes people to applaud at the end. I love any performance with that moment of suspension and breath holding.

    2) How did Mister “Our Father” at 6:04 know his pitch? And was he on a second floor or something? Since you did not cue him I was just wondering if he was doing everything the others were doing.

  10. michael Post author

    I told the guys during rehearsal, “I get to decide how long the moment lasts … nobody moves until I move.” They totally held the tension, it was fantastic.

    That guy at 6:04 is Jonathan Lord, my TA. He is made of magic.

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