Today’s Lecture Is …

Some students and I were joking about how bad most professors are at giving lectures. They said that you could tell how well a lecture would go based on the introduction and the first slide.

So, in continuation of that joke, this post is the first semi-demi-annual contest, “Today’s Lecture Is … ” Post your rambling intro, and then the title of the first powerpoint slide, to what you would consider the worst lecture ever.

I’ll start:

Before we begin today’s lecture, I’d like to take just a few minutes to explain the grammatical differences between “who” and “whom”. I brought a brief powerpoint presentation, If someone could just hit the lights …

… and, there we go. Slide one:

The Linguistic History of Objective Cases, part 1: Sumaria

7 thoughts on “Today’s Lecture Is …

  1. aly hawkins

    “If you recall, Monday’s class ended with a bit of a left turn from thermosetting polymers to the evolving lineup of the Plastic Ono Band. We’ll get back to extrusion molding in just a minute, but first I want all of you who refused to believe that both Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg were former members of the P.O.B. to take a look at this . . .”


  2. michael lee

    Perhaps no political movement in history has been more maligned and misunderstood than the Nazi party. Please take notes, this will be on the final.

    ARYAN SUPREMACY: what can we learn from Hitler?

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