4 thoughts on “City of Angels

  1. michael Post author

    got some solid feedback tonight, gonna dump the first chorus (you came here to find out how far you could go) and use the second version of the chorus in both spots (you came here to find out what it would take). also dumping the 2nd verse and and rewriting it. Same idea, but needs a better execution.

  2. aly hawkins

    Whoever gave the feedback that says dump the first chorus is, I’m sure, wonderful and more song-writery than I. Yet I like the first chorus lyric better than the first. “How far you would go” is darker than “how much it will take”; it implies so much more than “do you have the stones to make it in L.A.?”

    But I agree than v. 2 needs a bit of smithing. All in all, though, a lovely, plaintive ode to the hopeful. I like it a lot.

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