Dear Flash Forward: Really???

Dear Flash Forward,

I really want to like your show. I love the premise. Love the casting. Seriously. Want to love it.

But a high-stakes poker game for the fate of the world? Really? That’s your big idea for this last week? Did you fire the writers and hire Ms. Peterson’s 9th-grade creative writing class to take over? Are we going to find out next week that the blackout was caused by emo vampires? Guest appearance by the Jonas Brothers to rock out at someone’s backyard party?

COME ON!!!!!

Love (but not in that way),
A Hesitant Fan

13 thoughts on “Dear Flash Forward: Really???

  1. Stick

    Hmmm, I must not have watched that episode yet… I think I’m one behind on Hulu. So far, I like it. But, as my wife will attest to, I’m easily entertained.

  2. Daniel Semsen

    I quit watching out of sheer boredom. I was intrigued by the first few episodes, but no longer. I’ve moved onto the next most promising high-concept drama/sci-fi show, V.
    And it’s pretty awesome.
    Goodbye Flash Forward.

  3. chad

    Flash Forward had one of the great pilot episodes of all time, and then has… yes… struggled to find its way. I will say that the poker game is the low point, as far as I can tell, and the last two episodes have been quite good.

    I liked the first half of the V pilot, but I was ultimately turned off by just the sheer amount of story they were trying to tell in 44 minutes. I am a fan of the slow, consistent burn, especially for a season 1. I mean, if you think about season 1 of Lost, not all that much happened. And it was awesome.

  4. aly hawkins

    I still haven’t given up, but I’m thiiiiiis close. Not so much because of the foolish high-stakes poker game (though that was, er, foolish . . . as I mentioned), but because Joseph Fienes is so uneven. It’s always dicey getting a stage actor to front the lineup of a teevee show, and his performance so far demonstrates the reasons. Someone needs to tell him not to play to the back row.

  5. michael Post author

    I can’t believe you don’t like Joe Feines! How many actors could make one furrowed brow expression mean so many different things?

  6. sharolyn

    I’m with most of you all. Watched the first few episodes, then gave up. “Lost” was completely captivating (since we are comparing) and with “Flash Forward” I feel like I can read the stage directions as they happen.

    Mark leans over, sips from his coffee mug.

    Mark greets his wife, although Joseph Fiennes just me her on the set 20 minutes ago.

    (etc.) Thanks for confirming – sounds like I’m not missing much.

  7. Daniel Semsen

    I, too, was surprised by how much went on in the pilot of V–they gave the big secret away right off the bat! But I am chalking that up to a conversation that I’m CERTAIN those network big-wigs had with the writers/producers about how no one will watch the show if they aren’t hooked in the first episode…or some crap like that.

    Lost…is a TV phenomenon…I doubt another show will come close to it’s awesomeness anytime soon.

  8. chad

    I’m still convinced that season 1 of Alias is some of the very best visual episodic storytelling of all time. And, we all know that I have the hots for Jennifer Garner.

  9. michael Post author

    yes, yes, we’ve all seen the tribute videos you keep posting on youtube with Steely Dan’s “Aja” playing in the background.

  10. Heidi

    Flash Forward got boooooooorrrrrrrring. I mean, I’ll still watch it, because I watch everything. But I’ll most likely play games on my iPhone through the entire episode.

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