Save the Date

So you’ve seen Mike’s posts about The Lord’s Prayer, and his piece, Our Father Vindicate,  now come hear it live.

From the APU School of Music Calendar:

Jan.22, 2010 Friday: “The Lord’s Prayer” Festival Concert; Stamps Rotunda (Darling Library), 7:30 pm

Men’s Chorale, Chamber Singers, and Alumni Orchestra

Alex Russell, violin    Duane Funderburk, piano

“Enjoy an evening of music dedicated to the most famous prayer in Christendom, featuring new music composed by Professors Phil Shackleton and Michael Lee, as well as new music by contemporary composer Alf Bishai (NYU). ”

I say we make it an event and go out for dinner, celebration afterwards. Whose in?

15 thoughts on “Save the Date

  1. michael

    Yes, please just casually drop my name. That would be awesome.

    “We are guests of the composer … please direct me to the box seats?”

  2. Gretchen Lee

    So the time is nearing. A week from tomorrow- “The Lord’s Prayer” Festival Concert starts at 7:30 pm on APU West Campus in the Darling Library.

    We would love to see all you Roadies there. We’ll hang afterward, or dinner before- Let us know if we can expect you!

  3. michael

    I got to conduct the ensemble, so I can only speak from that perspective. For me, it was … rapturous. One of the highlights of my musical life.

  4. Gretchen Lee

    It was incredible! I had chills for most of the piece and started crying during the “deliver us” section. Very powerful in person. I was so proud of the 30 guys from Male Chorale who pulled it off. I’ll let you know, that Mike received a standing ovation, and this was in the middle of the concert. I was very very proud.

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