a reflection on playing music

Today I got two calls to play piano.  The first was from an unfamiliar source, wanting me to play at a “Shakespeare audition thing” from 6-9 tonight, and they didn’t mention money.  Jason and I were laughing about how much money it was take for me to do it.  $500?  In other words, I was particularly uninterested.

Then I got another call.  A man in our church has died.  He has been ill for quite some time.  His wife, for this long duration of his illness, has spent one of her few hours away from his bedside each week teaching my son’s three year-old Sunday School class.  I’m not sure how long she’s been teaching, but she was also the teacher two years ago under the same circumstance when my daughter was there.  Can I play at his funeral Friday night?

Instantly I became grateful for the ability to play, because I can’t find the words to say Thank You.

4 thoughts on “a reflection on playing music

  1. sharolyn

    Exactly. Can you imagine how organized they are, considering I was called on the same day of the auditions? Classy.

  2. Cerise

    Oh, wow. You are lovely, Sharolyn, and geez, thank you for…well, I’m not sure it ever occurred to me that there are so many things that ‘thank you’ doesn’t cover, and hey! we get chances to snatch up an opportunity to do it right. Wonder how often those come around.

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