Sappho 31, The Demo

One of my favorite things that has ever happened in the world, ever, happens at 40 seconds into this demo.


So, Sappho 31 is done, I’m off to rush it into an envelope with the final version of the score, but I stopped first to drop it here to you good people at the Roadhouse. The demo is unmixed, thrown together at the last possible second. Many thanks to Rebbecca (Brannon) Ginzink, Gretchen Lee, and Ashley Morgan for helping me sing the female vocals.

Sappho 31

The Score:
Sappho 31

17 thoughts on “Sappho 31, The Demo

  1. michael Post author

    the “and away” in the soprano line at 1:15 didn’t really work the way I wanted. I think I need to bring it down by a 5th or so, and make is quieter. It’s too out of character.

    Oh well.

    I really liked working this thing out on a tight deadline – two weeks, basically, from the idea to having to send it out in the mail. Something about having to go with first ideas (for the most part) worked well for me this time around.

    Brian Eno has some quote about that, I think.

  2. aly hawkins

    Whimsical, beautiful, silly, heart-breaking — all the good stuff of young love. A truly wonderful three-minute story. And I LOVE that Gretchen’s voice is “the muse” of the piece. I totally pictured her telling this hilarious, self-deprecating story as you watch across a crowded room. You can’t really hear what she’s saying, but then one of those inevitable lulls happen and her giggle cuts through everyone’s conversation. SO funny and realistic.

    Well done.

  3. Michelle Moore

    Whoa, THAT is so freakishly beautifully bizarro, that it could bring Cirque de Solei (sp.?) to a whole new level!!! What was this written for anyway, a musical that will top Phantom??? :-) Awesome work…amazing voices! I thought I heard Erica, but it looks like no…Ally??? :-)

  4. michael Post author

    Nope, my lovely wife and two singers from APU, Ashley and Rebbecca.

    I am a firm believer than anytime you get Gretchen to talk about “not really being that drunk”, it’s a win for everybody in the whole world.

  5. michael Post author

    The BEST money I have ever spent on an upgrade.


    Do it. You’ll love it. I went from spending 40% of my project time adjusting individual parts after finishing the score to spending maybe 10% or less. The new magnetic layout function just works, and the ability to add specific jazz articulations to noteheads (falls, rips, etc.) that transpose with the part is worth it alone.

    Do it.

  6. Robby Ring

    Hey this song is really cool. I was intently listening for what happened at 40 seconds into the song, it totally took me by surprise and made me laugh. Very cool. :^)

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